10 Uncommon Vending Machines That You Never Thought Existed

October 19, 2015

As technology progresses, some of the foods and drinks that we’ve long considered difficult to get are becoming available at the touch of a button. We’ve all seen vending machines offering chips, cookies, and of course sodas, but what about ones that offer live crabs to munch on? Here is a list of uncommon vending machines from around the world that definitely need to be seen to believe.

Live Crab Vending Machine

Itching for some seafood? This vending machine in China offers a delicious shellfish meal for its customers. The crabs are kept at a chilly 41 degree temperature, to assure that they are in a state of complete hibernation. If you receive a dead crab, the company will promptly provide three for the inconvenience.

Pizza Making Vending Machine

Using processes similar to the increasingly popular 3-D printing, this machine boasts the taste of a pizzeria without the hassle of delivery. Far from simply heating a premade disc, this machine kneads dough, adds the sauce, and places the toppings, all before heating your delicious meal in mere minutes.

Energy Drink Specific Vending Machine

Soda machines are fairly common, but what about when you need a boost with your drink? This machine has got you covered. Westway vending, who specializes in unique looking vending machines for sale, offers a machine filled with Amp energy drinks, which will get you through those long study nights or epic gaming marathons.

Cupcake Vending Machine

Cupcakes are gaining in popularity. All over the world, boutique bakeries are opening up which specialize in the delectable confection. Now if you live in Beverly Hills or Chicago, you can even get your cupcakes at an “ATM”. This machine, the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, allows for cupcake withdrawals for a low cost.

Baguette Vending Machine

This vending machine is a bread lover’s fantasy come true. Love a crunchy baguette? This doughy machine has got you covered. Parisian’s are known for their love of bread, and this machine based in Paris, France, fulfills their baked bread cravings. The bread is partially baked prior to ordering, and when the command is input it finishes the baking of your selection to ensure freshness.

Hotdog Vending Machine

Not many delicacies are as representative of American cuisine as the hot dog. From the ball park frank, to the Nathan’s famous, it’s not incredibly hard to find a good dog stateside. Leon’s Grill has found yet another way to enjoy a quick, meaty meal. Leon’s vending machine serves hot pre-cooked and delicious hot dogs for a very low price.

Draft Beer Vending Machine

If you are seeking a quick glass of suds, this machine provides a frothy draft beer, complete with glass, for a nominal fee. This machine is available only in Japan.

Pecan Pie Vending Machine

This is another machine on our list that specializes in sweets. If you are ever visiting Cedar Creek, Texas check out the Pecan Pie vending machine. Crafted by the people at Berdoll Pecan Farm, you can be sure that, despite the fact that this is coming from a machine, your pie will be fresh and delicious.

Rice Vending Machine

Have a spare pack of Furikake (Japanese rice topping)? Well, you’re in luck! This machine, based in Himeji Japan, has eight different varieties of rice to choose from. It vends 22 pound bags, so have a healthy appetite!

Mash Potato Vending Machine

This machine can mash! Craving some delicious mash potatoes and gravy? For about a dollar at a local 7-11 in Singapore, you can satisfy the deep-seated craving many of us have for the silky smooth tubers, that are then utterly drenched in brown goodness.

Hope you enjoyed our list. There are even more types of vending machines out there that will provide interesting meals, go out, find some, and enjoy!

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