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7 Must Have Makeup Products For Every Girl

February 23, 2016

Every girl wants to look flawless. But contrary to popular belief, to achieve this drop dead gorgeous look you don’t need to use a ton of makeup and spend a fortune on products. When it comes to makeup, less is more. In this article, you’ll find seven products that’ll help you achieve that flawless look without digging a hole in the pockets.

When it comes to makeup products, a lot of people have this misconception that the more is better. Well, it cannot be further from the truth. Of course you want to look picture perfect, but there is no need to buy tons of products for that. You can achieve that killer look with only seven products in your kit. What are they? Here we go.

A Lipstick:

Lipstick is the perfect product to brighten up your face and to add a bit colour to it. There are many good brands available at a reasonable price today. If you want a quality product at a great price, you can go for a L’Oreal lipstick for sure. Simply choose a colour that matches your skin tone and you have made a good investment. Delicate colours such as pink, peach, orange, nude look great on fair complexion. But if you are a bit dusky in complexion, go for rich hues such as brown, maroon, oxblood red, etc. You’ll get a L’Oreal lipstick in any colour you choose.

CC/BB Cream:

This is a product you should swear by. CC/BB Cream provides light coverage, evens out the skin tone and moisturises at the same time; talk about multi-tasking! Almost every major brand has a CC/BB cream today. Choose one according to your complexion.


If you do not have porcelain perfect skin, then you better have a good concealer handy. This is one product that is going to hide all your flaws and create a smooth, even tones complexion on your face. While choosing the concealer, it is better to go for a stick one, as they are way easier to apply. Make sure you get one that is lighter to wear.


Eyes are the windows of your soul, and when it comes to facial features eyes are most important. So, get yourself a great smug free eyeliner, such as L’Oreal Eyeliner to give definition to your eyes. While black eyeliners are most widely used, you can go for blue, green, maroon, brown etc to create a dramatic look.


Nothing opens up your eyes than a generous application of mascara on your lashes. Get a waterproof one to avoid any leaking mascara scene. Don’t forget to curl your lashes before you apply your coat.

Face Powder:

There is nothing as bad as a shiny face. Face powder, pressed or translucent is the best way to avoid that. Face powder lets the makeup set and absorbs the excess oil.

Nail Polish:

Well, dressing up your nails is never overrated. You can get a great L’Oreal Nail Polish for the job. And you have ample scope of experimenting with this product. Go for a nude polish, a solid colour or create a nail art; but make sure to invest in a quality product.

So, these are the seven products you need to look good and glamorous. Get shopping now! But remember, be it L’Oreal Eyeliner or Nail Polish you are looking for, invest in a quality product. After all, you deserve it.

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