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5 Ways You Can Keep Your Utility Bills Low This Summer

May 2, 2021

The hot weather of summer is rapidly approaching. It is not uncommon for utility bills to skyrocket in the summer as you spend more time indoors to escape the summer’s heat. Luckily, you can prevent rising bills from happening by making a few changes. These are the five ways you can keep your utility bills low this summer.

Turn Up the Thermostat

You may be tempted to lower the thermostat on hot days, but that is just going to drive up your utility bills. Keeping the thermostat one or two degrees higher than normal will save you a lot more in the long run. Your body will quickly adjust to the slightly warmer house, so you likely will not even notice the difference in a day or two.

Turn On the Fans

If you are lucky enough to have ceiling fans installed in your home, then you need to take advantage of them as much as possible. Ceiling fans will circulate the air throughout the room, which will keep everyone from feeling overheated. These fans also use less energy than the air conditioner, so you will see a big savings on the bills. This is a great way to keep the house comfortable after turning up the thermostat.

Repair the Air Conditioner

Even if you try to limit it, your air conditioner will likely spend a lot of time running this summer. If your AC unit is not properly maintained, then it will be forced to run longer and work harder in order to keep your house at your desired temperature. The increased air condition usage directly correlates to huge increases on your electric bill. Schedule an air conditioning repair early in the season to ensure it is working to its full potential when the weather starts to heat up.

Add Some Plants

Direct sunlight can really raise the temperature in your home. The summer weather is much more comfortable in the shade. Keep your house in the shade at all times by adding some plants outside. Shrubs and trees will offer the most protection. The west and south sides of the house will get the most sunlight, so that is where you should focus your landscaping efforts.

Unplug Unused Items

Electronic devices use small amounts of electricity when they are plugged into the wall. They use this energy even when the devices are fully shut off. The only way to prevent this phantom energy usage is by unplugging your unused devices. Larger devices will obviously use more electricity, so unplug televisions, computers, and kitchen appliances after you are done using them.

Summer means higher temperatures, but it doesn’t have to mean higher energy bills. If you’re careful with your energy usage and maintain your home’s cooling system, you can relax this summer.

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