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A Few Things to Check before You Fly Home for the Holidays

November 12, 2018

You’ve been dreaming about the food your family is going to serve at the holiday dinner. While that thought gets you through the weeks leading up to your vacation, don’t neglect these few things you should check before that flight home for the holidays.

You’ve Paused Your Mail

Before you step on a plane to fly home for the holidays, check that you’ve called your local post office and asked them to hold your mail. The holiday season is a popular time of year for burglars to strike homes that are unoccupied while the owners are gone for the holidays. An overflowing mailbox is a signal to criminals that your home is empty. You should also pause your newspaper delivery services for the same reason.

Clean out Your Refrigerator

Even though you’re gone from your home, that’s not going to stop the passage of time from wreaking havoc on the food in your refrigerator. Items that will be going bad soon, like dairy products and deli meats, should be consumed in the days leading up to your holiday departure. Anything that can’t be eaten should be tossed into the garbage.

Take the Garbage Outside

The night before you depart for your vacation, go through your home and collect all of the garbage bags. Tie these bags up and toss them outside into your garbage cans or dumpster. This will ensure that you come home to a house that smells clean.

Lock All Windows

You can’t be sure what kind of dangers are lurking around your home while you’re away. To help keep your home and valuables safe during your absence, perform a check throughout your home of all windows to ensure that they’re securely locked. This includes second story windows as well.

Inspect and Insulate Your Pipes

The holiday season doesn’t just bring family gatherings and feasts, it also brings biting winds and frigid temperatures. These frigid temperatures can freeze your outdoor pipes. Protect them by having foam pipe insulation installed by a professional plumber. While the plumber is there, you can also have them check the rest of your plumbing for any damages that may cause a leak while you’re gone.

To help reduce your energy bills while you’re gone, turn down your thermostat to a lower-than-usual temperature to save on heating costs. You should also unplug all of your smaller appliances to save electricity and to prevent damages should a power surge occur.

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