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A Guide To TESOL Certification Course

May 9, 2016

If you are thinking about teaching abroad and that too English language to the speakers of other languages, then you must acquire a degree or certificate that can help you hold a good job with a reputed institution. For those who are in a quandary as to how, when and which course to opt, online TESOL certification or offline is a definite choice. A certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) gives you an opportunity to enter into the profession of “English Language Teaching”. One who decides on pursuing this certificate course often comes across abbreviations like TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Know More About TESOL

The TESOL Certificate program is specially designed for individuals who are willing to develop or improve English skills for both speaking and writing. Other than the regular components, the certificate program provides specialized training in business English and grammar pronunciation. The standard duration of the program comprises of classroom training of 100 hours and practicum training of 50 hours that includes working directly with students at ESL schools.

The TESOL is apt for individuals with little or no experience in teaching and seasoned instructors who wish to polish their skills and possess a professional certification that is requested by employers in reputed institutions and businesses.

Objective Of The Certificate Program 

The TESOL Certificate Program prepares students for teaching English in both the native country and abroad. After successful completion of the online TESOL certification, candidates can:

  • Master the English language skills that comprise of speaking, writing, listening and understanding.
  • Analyse the language with regard to its meaning, forms, pronunciation and use in a sentence and help students with challenges faced by them while learning.
  • Teach lessons to boost the progress of students in cultural knowing and spread awareness about the cultural aspects of the English language and activities.
  • Effectively teach skills lessons-both receptive and learning centred productive, support student’s learning and engross them in participation and conversation.
  • Think carefully about teaching decisions in view of their effect on the learning of a student or the entire class.

What You Are Expected To Do

In order to complete the certificate program successfully and receive the TESOL Certification Online, candidates are supposed to meet the course requirements.

Participate in Virtual Classroom Sessions

Virtual classroom session is a live and instructor-led session which offers exactly the same level of learning and opportunity as you receive in a typical classroom environment. But, a candidate is required to be a part of the maximum sessions, if not all.

Be Active During The Aspects Of Program

A participant must engage in varying aspects of the program that comprise of lesson planning, practicum training, video lessons, recorded ESL Lessons and post-program feedback. In addition, participants can partake in the collaborative aspects of the program by providing constructive feedback and offering ideas.

Complete All The Assignments

Candidates are required to successfully complete all the assignments such that they meet the standards of the course, including self-assessments, written assignments, lesson plans, readings, portfolio and program evaluation.

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