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Bad Bite: a Few Things You Can Do When It Hurts to Chew

January 25, 2019

Tooth and jaw pain is unfortunately common, and it can make you feel miserable. You may notice pain when you bite down or chew. This could be muscular pain related to your chewing muscles, nerve pain in your teeth or something else. You may be inclined to avoid eating and drinking, and talking could even be painful at times. This is not the type of pain that you can overlook, and hoping that it will go away in a few days is typically not reasonable. These are a few effective steps that may be used to directly address the situation and reduce or eliminate the pain.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

There are several over-the-counter pain medications that may be taken to temporarily ease the pain. Taking any painkiller on a daily basis for a long period of time is not a healthy solution, but you can use painkillers until you can find a permanent solution to your problem. Depending on the cause of your oral pain, you may also benefit from a topical pain reliever that is designed specifically for oral use. By speaking to your dentist by phone, you may learn about effective pain management options while you wait for an appointment.

Special Dental Products

Some people have pain when chewing because they grind their teeth at night or have other similar issues. There are many dental products, such as mouth guards, that can be used to prevent grinding or that are intended for other purposes. When you address the cause of the pain head-on, such as by using a suitable device or product, the resulting pain may diminish and ultimately be eliminated. Likewise, some special toothpastes are designed to ease minor oral pain and may be effective for managing your pain.

Dental Treatments

Tooth damage and decay may also cause oral pain, and this pain may be excruciating when you chew or eat cold things. Dental treatments may be necessary to remove decay and repair damage. For example, dental crowns may be used to restore and protect severely damaged teeth as long as the roots are still healthy. This can help you to chew more easily and painlessly while also improving your cosmetic appearance.

Because there are many causes of oral pain, consulting with a dentist and accurately determining the cause of the pain should be the first step. While you can use over-the-counter pain medications while you wait for your dental appointment, you should follow your dentist’s treatment advice for the best results.

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