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Ready for Kids? 3 Things that Can Make Adoption the Best Option

January 31, 2019

While some couples may genuinely have no desire to have children, it seems that “marriage and family” are often inextricably intertwined in the minds of many. Even some couples that decide early on they don’t want children may later decide that they do. In some cases, they may still be able to, while in other cases it may turn out that there are reasons they cannot. What is always true, however, is that there are millions of children around the world without parents. Whether a couple can have their own children or not, adoption may be the right answer for them. Here are 3 things that can make adoption the best option for you.


While women may be physically capable of having children in their 40’s, the older a woman is, the more likely she is to experience complications from pregnancy. In addition, not all couples fancy the idea of having a teenager in their 50’s or attending their child’s graduation in their 60’s. Sometimes couples that waited a bit longer to have children may prefer to adopt a child or children that are a bit older. In other cases, individuals may have waited some time to find a mate or spouse, but find themselves still single at an advancing age. In that case, they may choose to simply adopt on their own.

Same Gendered Couples

Medical science is providing a number of options for same-gendered couples that want to have children. Among these are surrogacy and artificial insemination. Regardless of what option they choose, however, what they cannot have is a child that is the biological outcome of both of their genes. Now that same-sex marriage is legal, however, adoption has also become a viable option for same-gendered couples. While surrogacy is another option available to same-sex couples, it can be a sensitive and complicated process and they may opt to work with an adoption agency instead.


Just because you want to have children, doesn’t mean you always can. Many times, couples want to have children that are the biological pairing of their own genes but can’t for one reason or another. Much like same-gendered couples, they still have a range of options such as artificial insemination or even surrogacy. Even with those options, however, there are still no guarantees. If a couple is incapable of having a biological child of their own, they may choose to adopt instead.

Adopting a child may not be right for all couples, but it can be a viable option for many. Many couples may even choose to have a mixture of their own biological children and adopted children. When it comes to adoption, there are no 100% right and wrong answers as to who it is right for, but there are always children desperately in need of parents and families. The question is largely one of willingness and desire.

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