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Best Eating Spots In Munnar For The Foodie In You

February 8, 2016

Once you have toured through the best places to visit in Munnar, it’s undoubtedly time to savor in the flavors of this town to tingle your taste buds. So during your sojourn to Munnar, do try these eating spots in this town, and feel the extravagant blend of the sublime views of Munnar and the brilliant food that it serves. Are you ready?

  1. Tree Top Restaurant

The Tree Top eatery is a multi-food eatery that serves Indian and worldwide dishes. The food served here is divine and the eatery is squeaky clean at all times. Perfect for a date!

  1. Copper Castle Restaurant

Offering a superb perspective of the valley, this eatery serves tasty Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes. A serene and ‘budget’ garden eatery. What more does one need, no?

  1. Saravana Bhavan

One of the best eateries in Munnar, the Saravana Bhavan is known for its flavorful arrangement of South Indian dishes like Idlis, Dosas, Sambhar and Appams. Some of the highly recommended dishes you must try here are- dosa, coffee, uttapam and South Indian Thali. A paradise for all south indian food lovers.

  1. SN Restaurant

The best thali and platters from all over India are served here. From Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Punjabi Thalis to veggie delights like Spinach curry amongst others can be savored here. One of the showstopper restaurants in Munnar with home-made food, the SN Restaurant fits pretty easily in the pocket.

  1. Munnar Birds Cafe

This is one of the best restaurants in Munnar that serves the best in various sort of suppers from China and India and has the best grill dishes on the menu. The most unique part of this cafe is the sight of pretty birds present all around the cafe, and therefore, the name.

  1. Mezbaan Hotel

Situated in the heart of the city of Munnar, the Mezbaan Hotel is known for its non-veg culinary delights. A decent place to experiment with some fiery grills, Mezbaan has a comfortable ambience and a heartwarming hospitality.

  1. Sarath Inn

For shockingly reasonable food in Munnar, the Sarath Inn is one of the spots where you can spoil yourself fully over an overwhelming dinner for a little sum. It is one of the must-visit restaurants while you are on a Munnar visit and are amongst the gleaming highlights of the Munnar tourism.

  1. Bamboo Hut

If you have a yearning for fast food whilst holidaying in Munnar, head over to Bamboo Hut. It is one of the best fast food joints serving different dishes, for example, platter of mixed greens, snacks and full courses. Adding to the appeal is the music which plays out of sight that takes you into an altogether different dimension.

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