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Best Places In Montreal To Unwind

August 28, 2017

The unemployment rate in Montreal is at its lowest for the last 30 years. Of course, that means you have lots of people working ass off all through the week, and sooner or later they have to de-stress. The good news is that if you’re in need for some relaxation, you’re in the right city. Workers here have all sorts of de-stressing options, from cat cafes (seriously) to spas and parlors that offer the best erotic massages in Montreal.

So are you looking for places to help you unwind and relax this weekend? Take a look at some of your top options. In fact, don’t wait for the weekend—these places are open on weekdays too!

  1. Café Chat L’Heureux. Most people just call it Montreal’s Cat Café, since there aren’t actually 2 of these places in the city. If you love animals, then you’ll love this place. Cats are literally everywhere, and you can pet them if you want. They’re very social, and they roam around freely. They have beds and scratching posts, and they can even relax by your feet. Don’t worry, as you’re asked to take off your shoes when you come in. Being surrounded by cats is really an effective stress reliever, as these guys can really offer a chill vibe.
  2. Le Penthouse. Here’s a place that’s been lauded by lots of men in the city. The hostesses aren’t just gorgeous, but they’re also very well-trained to provide the most relaxing massages ever. They specialize in nude massages, and they range from classic Thai methods to sensual massages. The hostesses will listen to your needs and preferences and provide the experience that will just about relax every bone in your body. You can pick the hostess that appeals to you, and you even have the option of having two of them to attend to your needs.
  3. Montreal Sri Chinmoy Centre. For thousands of years, people in Asia have meditated as a way to achieve inner calm and happiness. It may seem mysterious and exotic, but it’s easy enough for the residents of Montreal to learn how to do it. In fact, the Montreal Sri Chinmoy Centre offers meditation workshops and they’re for free. There are also classes you can attend, as well as concerts that feature meditative music. So come here and learn, and you may find techniques that can help you relax that you can use for a lifetime.
  4. Ceramic Studio. Here you can take ceramics classes, and you can discover just how relaxing it is to work with clay. There’s something about how clay feels in your hands as it spins. As your hands shape the clay to follow your vision, somehow you achieve peace within your body, mind, and soul as you work. In some ways, it’s very meditative as well.
  5. Rage Academy. While other people may vent by beating the crap out of a canvas bag, you can be unique and throw axes instead. You can learn how to do just that at this academy, which can help you channel your inner RagnarLothbrok. The Vikings had something going with their propensity to hurl axes at their targets. There’s something quite satisfying about all of this, and at least you can rest easy knowing you can survive a zombie apocalypse or if you’re somehow transported into Westeros.

These are just a few unique ways to help you relax in the great city of Montreal. You can find work easily in this city, and now you can find places to chill just as easily too!

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