Business On The Go: How To Know A Company Car Is Right For You

January 11, 2017

The company car is an asset you rely on every day. It is an asset that represents the company, the employer, and all of the employees. You only want qualified people to drive it, but you also want to make sure that it is the ideal size, make and model. Here are ways to know if you have chosen the right company car or not.


Know the Car’s Usage and Efficiency

Know what you plan to use the car for – where it will go and how often employees will drive it. If you expect to just use it for basic transport around town, choose a regular-sized coupe or sedan. For longer, more important trips, you’ll want a car that can seat as many as travel often more and has plenty of comfort built in. If you use the vehicle for picking up clients, you may opt for a more luxurious car like town cars and SUVs with limousine-style features.


Your company car may be driven a dozen miles a day or more than a hundred miles in a week. It will be driven in all kinds of weather, and on roads of varying conditions. You’ll want to look for a car that has great fuel efficiency for where and how you will be driving it, and you’ll want the car to be fully equipped for durability and reliability. The style and appearance are important for the image of the company, but won’t help much if the employees cannot meet their basic needs.


Rely on Name Value

Brand name can be a pretty good indicator that you are getting a good deal. Thousands or millions of people do not buy products that do not work properly, and those brands rarely last. According to Bay Ridge Nissan, a brand name like Nissan is connected to high quality, reliability, and durability, which can be backed up by looking online at what consumers say about the brand. Toyota, Honda, and Mazda also have great consumer ratings. When looking for a company car, go with a brand that you know you can trust.


Connect to the Company’s Image and Mission

A car can be the company’s logo on wheels. The size, style, and even the driver of the car will say a lot about your brand. While delivery vans and trucks are harmless in their representation of a company, less utilitarian vehicles will say a lot more. If your company claims to be environmentally conscious, you may consider a hybrid or electric vehicle instead of a large, gas-guzzling SUV.


The company car is more than a machine. Over time, it becomes a valuable part of your work family. You and your employees must rely on this vehicle to deliver the best results to the customers. Choose wisely, and your car will help your company succeed.

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