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Understanding Gifting According To Ones Love Language

January 17, 2017

The city of Faridabad, situated in the NCR region near the Indian capital city, Delhi, is an upcoming city with a mixed crowd. A leading industrial city, it sees a sizable influx of youngsters coming for jobs and education in nearby areas. The people of Faridabad have slowly embraced modern culture and one can see a clear shift in the cultural outlook of the city. This gives way – for those residing in Faridabad – to an easier acceptance of foreign customs like celebrating Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

Considering Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, many in the city will gear up to sending gifts to their loved ones and celebrating the day love, with those they love. Now, considering gifting, many from the city, will be at a loss of gifting ideas, coupled with a loss of ability to express feelings of love – whether it is for a love who is unaware of their affection, for a new girlfriend / boyfriend, for a long time love, or even a spouse.

Many writers have, in books spoken about a love language, and that each person can be categorized as having one out of the five types of love language. Here is a peek into the types, and the gifting ideas they should choose.

  1. Those needing words of affirmation

People in this category need their loved to express their love more explicitly. Just saying ‘I love you’ might not suffice, just as a run-of-the-mill gift won’t work. Adding meaning to a gift is essential. Add a creative love poem with a bunch of red roses, or opt for personalized gifts and send valentine’s day gifts to Faridabad, making them feel extra special.

  1. Those who value quality time

These people are more interested in spending quality time with their loved ones. They appreciate simple gifts. A beautiful bouquet of flowers with a whole lot of attention, and throw in a chocolate cake for good measure, and this person is yours!

  1. The gift seekers

Don’t mistake ‘gift seeking’ for materialistic need. The people, who speak this language of love, are more interested in the efforts taken to choose the gift than the gift, or attention to detail with respect to their personal likes and dislikes. Plan a string of surprise gifts like flowers, soft toys, personalized gifts, accessories, etc. from morning to evening, with a champagne date, and win their love.

  1. Acts of service

The people in this category cherish simple acts of service. Help them in a chore, or offer to carry out a pending task and you will make their day. Therefore while considering gifts for these people, opt for accessories and utility gifts like smart kitchenware, electrical gadgets, etc. that will make their life easier.

  1. Physical needs

People speaking this language of love place more importance on the need to have physical touch along with an emotional connect. Gifts that exude passion are perfect for them. Exotic flowers, branded perfumes, exquisite jewellery, etc. are apt gifts.

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