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Career Ideas For Qualified Divers

November 26, 2015

It’s a dream job for many, spending all your time diving in crystal clear waters in exotic locations. But when you look into the concept further, you will find that there are limited jobs in such places, but many equally rewarding jobs both abroad and closer to home.

If you put in the research, you will find that you may find a job that doesn’t only utilise your diving qualification, but also many other skills and passions that you have.

Diving Instructor

The most well-known job for a diver, this occupation is arguably also the least well paid due to the amount of people interested in doing it. It’s an excellent job for the summer seasons, but it is difficult to make a full time wage all year round as a diving instructor.

Police Diver

On the other end of the scale, police divers in the UK often have to dive in murky waters in non-exotic locations. However the sense of achievement from having a job that can be helpful to the police and to society as a whole can make up for this feeling. There is extra training for this job but as a qualified diver you have an excellent head start. There is also the possibility of a job as a rescue diver which qualification wise is fairly interchangeable with police diving.

Army Diver

Possibly the most varied occupation you can take up with a diving qualification, an army diver ranges from assisting police with body and evidence searches, to underwater logistic tasks. Working as an army diver can offer you many new skills and qualifications. Information that you can find online will give you everything you need to explore the options and opportunities available as an army diver.

Commercial Diving

There are many different ways to make a living as a diver in the commercial industry. Retrieving property from shipwrecks is a well-paid job, although it does not guarantee many days’ work a year. In more consistent work, you could try anything from commercial seafood gathering to underwater photography.

Use what you know

Diving jobs that are just ‘diving jobs’ are very difficult to come by. Most holiday resorts have a waiting list for diving instructors for their holiday seasons and they are often not well paid at all. However if you can combine your own skills with your diving qualification, you can open many more doors for yourself.

If you have a degree in the sciences, specifically in Oceanography or similar, then arranging diving work on research dives and documentaries can be an incredible career move.

If you are a skilled and trained photographer or videographer, then many opportunities can come your way, from film making in exotic climates, to filming anything in the UK from police crime scenes to music videos.

A qualification in diving is a wonderfully exciting thing to do, and even if you just work towards it as a hobby you are unlikely to regret the qualification. However, if you think outside the box a little and explore all of your options, then a world of underwater opportunity can open up for you.

Be sure to put research into all the possible avenues you can go down and find the job that best suits your desires and your skills.

Jeffrey Glenn is the founder of Go Pro Asia, one of Thailand’s most sort after professional dive training resorts. Jeffrey is a PADI Course Director and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer and has over 20 years’ experience in the dive industry.

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