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Charming Hotels Corte Guastalla

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March 14, 2017

The most experienced travelers, beauty lovers and lovers of all that is original are often looking for exclusive routes for their holidays, in charming hotels with a history and a well-defined identity. Throughout Italy you can book beautiful charming hotels, accommodation facilities that interpret the reception as an art and offer high quality services always to suit the client.

In most cases the charming Hotels are small hotels, characterized by the elegance of the interior and a management of almost familiar “owners” in any case very attentive to details.

Anyone who runs a hotel of this type, in fact, has chosen to engage in a unique location that deserves to be appreciated and is for guests a jewel to be kept among the best memories.

These hotels are recommended to those looking for complete immersion in a destination, because from one charming hotel you can, for example, go horse riding or cycling, follow the cooking classes with local chefs, trekking or guided tours in nearby cities, in other words an “outline” of value, which amplifies the charm of the location chosen.

For those planning a vacation in Italy and would like to choose for accommodation among the many available charming Hotels, our advice is undoubtedly Relais Corte Guastalla , a magnificent charming Hotel in Veneto, precisely in Sona, in the province of Verona.

Here, in a stunning hilly landscape and a short drive from Verona and Lake Garda, lies this charming Hotel, just in the park covering a full twelve thousand square meters with a lot of common areas to be used for walking or relaxing and six rooms, all very bright overlooking the garden, with different sizes depending on the needs of customers (one room is even 50 square meters).

The history of this ancient sixteenth-century residence transformed in the early 2000s in charming Hotel, exudes from some details such as wood-beamed ceilings and antique furniture that are still present expertly combined with modern furnishings.

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