Choosing Ideal Sports Gloves

July 9, 2015

There are many things to consider when choosing between types of sports gloves, some could have traditional foam or gel padding. In general, gloves with gel are appropriate for sports that involve impacts. They could absorb shock and distribute it into a larger surface area. Gel padding is also comfortable and won’t lose shape after repeated, intense impacts. The selection of gloves usually depends on the type of sports we choose. As an example, martial arts athletes could require special gloves that allow them to grab the opponent and deliver additional strikes. During training, martial arts athletes could require thicker gloves with more padding, because hitting heavy bags also means more impact.

Professional boxers may need lighter gloves that allow them to move their hands easily. Proper gloves are also essentially for them to make a fist. Some sports have rules that regulate the type of gloves that should be used. In general, boxers prefer gloves that allow the, to deliver punches with heavy impacts and this could mean a lighter glove. With lighter gloves, it is also easy for boxers to hold their hands up and cover themselves from opponent’s onslaughts. Athletes should invest in proper gloves that allow them to practice various branches of sports, such as krav maga, judo, jiujitsu, taekwondo, karate, ultimate fighting, MMA, muay thai, cardio boxing, kickboxing and regular boxing.

Athletes should ask instructors or coaches about the right gloves. Gloves that are cheapest or nicest are not necessarily the best. If athletes are seeking to hit speed bags or double bags, they could find standard boxing gloves somewhat cumbersome. It should be noted that gloves weight and gloves size aren’t the same. In some cases, the size of the gloves doesn’t correspond to the weight, due to the use of specific materials. We should choose gloves with the right weight that fits our requirements. We should also choose the size that matches our hand.

There are some sizes to consider, for example, 8oz and 10oz gloves are common for competitive boxers, 12 oz is for training for people with small hands and women, 14oz is for training for people with average hand size, 16oz is for training for people with normal size, while 18oz and 20oz are for training for people with larger hands. Professional boxers usually prefer 8oz or 10oz gloves, however others may need bigger ones. In general, the bigger the gloves, the heavier it is. Nevertheless, gloves for professional athletes should have the same weight, despite the increase in size.

It is important for us to care for our gloves. We should know about common mistakes associated with caring for our sports gloves. Many people prefer to drop gloves in the gym bag and it can be zipped after use. This could result in odor problems, since gloves are usually damp after use. This makes gloves a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which caused rather foul smell.

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