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Data Center Protection And Safety: Comprehensive Solutions For Maximum Reliability

April 26, 2016

Because just about everyone relies on the internet anymore, it has to work properly. If your business isn’t on it or you don’t have a reliable presence, people aren’t going to be able to find you and buy what you have to offer. Of course, issues that come about from use of the internet also involve data, and the protection of that data. Having a good data center means access to everything your organization needs to keep moving forward. You need that data. Keep in mind, though, that you’re not going to be given that data if your customers can’t trust you. That’s why data center safety and protection is so important.

Keeping Things Running

One of the most important issues with any data center is keeping it running all the time. Business continuity is vital to your operations, because customers have to be able to find your company and get access to it when they need to. Your company is relying on access to that data, as well. All of your operations are controlled by that data center, and if it goes down or doesn’t work correctly your company simply can’t perform the way you want it to.

The financial consequences of having your data center go down can be very dire. These problems can cost companies from $75,000 to more than one million dollars per occurrence, and can also take time and effort to correct. With an average of 2.5 outages per year for every data center, and those outages lasting over two hours each, the costs and the stress can add up quickly.

Overheating and Freezing are Big Issues

With so many electrical components in one place and not a lot of room between them, overheating is a big problem that can cause data center outages. Another problem is the cold. A lot of companies are locating their data centers in colder climates to try to avoid the overheating issue, but then the cold also has to be addressed. The proper insulation in your data center will protect the equipment from both heat and cold, so it will last longer and the chances of downtime will be lessened.

So, How Do You Fix It?

It’s not always easy to predict what will cause your data center to go down, but there are a few things you can do in order to try to keep it running as well as possible. Leak detection sensors can discover flooding before it has time to harm anything, especially if you have a raised floor. Frost protection is also needed in icy climates, and a way to avoid overheating is needed in warmer climates. If your data center has generators and uses diesel fuel, you’ll need a way to detect fuel leaks as quickly as possible, as well. Temperature and leaks are the biggest issues for data centers, along with protecting the actual data itself from being breached. With a solid, secure facility and a good warning system, your company will be much safer and you’ll have peace of mind.

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With the right methods for data center protection, you can keep your company up and running properly.

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