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Essential Steps to Build Your Brand and Online Presence

May 26, 2021

When your business is all online, your online presence is critical. Your brand needs to stand out and be noticed. But how does that happen? Is it as simple as a website and a few posts tossed up on social media? Not even close. There are some essential steps to building your brand and online presence if you really want to get noticed quickly.

Build an Appealing Website

Your website is the one place where you really get to show off your brand. You get to choose the colors, fonts, images and videos that people see here. Not only is it the most brandable asset you’ll have online, but it’s the one that will help tell your story to potential customers. That’s why it’s so important that you create an appealing website. Whether it’s their first impression or where they end up after finding you elsewhere on the web, if your site doesn’t wow them, they won’t be coming back. Companies like BrandNerd can help you tell a clear story on a website that drives conversions that looks good on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Be an Early Adopter

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – what do all these names have in common? They were once brand new, even if some of them are old news now. Whether it’s social media, or another new (and growing in popularity) website emerging, you want to be one of the first to use it. Even if you don’t use it much or ultimately decide that it’s not quite right for you, by hopping on early, you can secure your brand’s username and show that you stay on top of trends and industry news. And customers want to work with a company that knows what’s happening right now – or even what’s coming down the pike.

Develop Relationships

You need relationships with your customers and with potential customers. But relationships with others in your industry also matter. Consider podcasters, blog writers, and others in your industry who might be able to help your company grow. Develop relationships with these people and you may wind up as a guest on their podcast or a feature on their blog. This gets your brand out in front of their audience which can grow yours exponentially.

Show Up Where Your Audience Is

Putting all your effort into Facebook when your audience is on Instagram is like giving a speech to an empty auditorium: a complete waste of time and effort. Find out where your audience is hanging out online. What social media platforms do they use? What websites do they visit? Spend your energy and time on those things so your audience actually sees and hears your message.

There are plenty of other things you can, and should, do to build your brand and online presence. But these are the steps that are most effective and will help you grow your brand most quickly. Since they’re also the easiest, it’s a win all the way around.

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