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Event Manager’s Toolbox

September 10, 2015

It seems that smartphone apps have revolutionized the way how we use business software, but also how we do business as a whole. As more and more information is stored online, much of the business activities have moved to the online environment. No matter if you are a travel agent or a stock broker, there are apps out there than can increase your productivity like never before. These are some of the useful tools for event managers that can help them overcome their daily challenges easier.

Event Promotion

Unlike events with definite guest lists, open attendance events need to be promoted in order to attract substantial number of attendees. Besides careful planning the perfect ad location, an event manager needs to make a strong social media presence. To make things easier, there are apps that can filter the audience by event category and location and let you reach out to them. Once you type in the necessary details in Evvnt, you are presented with a list of websites that your target audience visits frequently, together with statistics how many people saw your event.


The first and foremost task on an event manager is to persuade potential clients that they have come to the right company, and that you’ve got what they need. In this sense, verbal communication needs to be turned down to minimum, and let your work speak for you. There are neat presentation software solutions, like CustomShow, which makes you portfolio presentation always visible to potential clients.


There is no professional event management, without a reliable task organization. Of course, an event can be organized with a pen and a sheet of paper, but managing ten events in the same time calls for bigger guns. Managers need an app that will keep track of the venues, caterings, entertainers as well as key dates, with no room for error. Trello is an app that eliminates the chances that you hire an Irish Rovers tribute band for an Italian wedding.

Ticket Sale

In the past, an event manager’s job was to hire a designer, print the tickets, sell them through various channels, take care of the money and keep the visitor’s count. A WordPress event ticketing system like Tickera, can be used as a personal ticket manager. It does all of the tasks above, making one less thing in event organization to worry about. In addition, the software can collect all sorts of feedback information from the attendees.

Meeting Management

If you asked a group of event managers about what they do for living, eleven out of ten would tell you that they multitask. Tools like SignUp4 help them manage large numbers of clients, associates, team members, staff, venues, catering, decorations, equipment and much more.

Collecting Feedback

Getting enough feedback about an event that has just finished is as important as planning for it. Aside from compliments that always boost the team’s morale, constructive criticism is invaluable information that you can use for future improvement. Eventifier uses hashtags to keep you informed about comments, sharing, likes, links and mentions on social networks, as well as materials posted during after the event.

Different event managers have different approaches to solving problems, organization stages and different teams. Still, by using some of these online management tools, they are on the right way to success.

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