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What Weight Loss Programme Should You Follow?

September 10, 2015

Overweight and obesity are the root cause of illness in today’s time. Obese and the overweight people easily fall victim to compounding health issues such as diabetes, high BP (Blood Pressure), cholesterol, joint pains and arthritis to say the least. The list keeps on moving in length in proportion to the excess weight gain and time. Because, the growing age slows down the recovery process and starts losing control over the muscles and the tendons after a certain age.

The situation gets aggravated with the work related pressures and tensions alongside the poor food habits. As a matter of fact, people nowadays are falling victims of obesity and overweight even at the young age. Weight loss programme comes as a real boon here.

But, the crux is not every weight loss programme is suitable for all. Like the five fingers of the hand, individuals have the different capacity and the state of preparedness for the weight loss programme. Moreover, not everybody can manage fixed time and routine for weight loss. The good news is that there are many simple techniques and ways of managing your weight. Let’s explore.

Key features of your weight loss programme:

1) Flexibility: We live in a complex world today where our job is the first priority for making odd ends meet in life. There are many professions that do not follow any 9am to 5pm work culture and they by default demand more. As such, coping with the priority for earning the bread and butter takes away major time in a week and at the same time you cannot afford to give your weight loss programme a miss.

Here, you have to strike a balance by adjusting your weight management programme. This, in other words, means the programme for your weight loss must have the flexibility for accommodating the free time and embracing the change.

2) Strenuous one for perspiring: While following the programme for weight management, you must ensure that you perspire heavily. Perspiration is to be read as the symbol of burning fats. But, never try too hard in one attempt and that you cannot handle. Nowadays, young people are mostly falling victims of cervical pains due to a sudden increase in weight training programme or having no formal training on the subject. This is too bad a situation that can eventually restrict your working as well as regular life.

3) HIIT training: HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and the best part of this training programme for the weight management is that it doesn’t ask for any formal instrument and a fixed time. All that you have to do is to find a target to pick up during your free time, say during the tiffin break and follow it rigorously. A simple tool like using the office staircase instead of the lifts of a high-rise building can suffice the purpose. You can even think of a brisk walk in the office complex.

The idea is not to strain your body too much in the name of weight loss programme that your body cannot bear.

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