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Expanding Your Business: How To Get A Handle On Multiple Locations

March 14, 2016

Any business that wants to remain competitive and profitable must eventually expand. Managing multiple store locations can be tricky, but it can provide a company with the ability to increase their level of security in the marketplace and improve profits. Most companies open multiple offices or stores in several different cities, but it’s also possible to dominate your local market if you live a city that’s big enough.

Paying Attention to Multiple Locations

One of the biggest mistakes a company makes it opening up a new location and then neglecting the original. You’ll need to hire a manager for each and set up regularly scheduled meetings to get updated on progress in each location. This way you can prevent problems before they start and keep everyone on the same page.

Encourage Regularly Communication

One of the problems with having more than one location is that you’re no longer available to chat with employees at work. Natural and unplanned communication is essential to helping to build a company, and you’ll likely not be made aware of issues if you’re not present. Encourage employees and managers to email you with any questions or concerns. Make sure there is a chain of command so people know who to go to first and why. This helps you to keep a handle on things while managing more than one location.

Create Cohesive Guidelines

It’s important to create guidelines that are consistent and easy to understand. Having employees from different offices meet up regularly is also important to help avoid the development of an “us-versus-them” mentality. This can slowly erode a company but it can also be harnessed to develop a bit of healthy competition. Find a balance and let workers lead the way.

Technology Enhances Supervision

Use the latest technology to make sure people are coming in to work on time. When you’re no longer in the office regularly, it can lead to employees taking a more lax approach to work. Inexpensive devices like biometric fingerprint readers can make it easy for employees to clock in and out, and you can instantly see if there are any staffing issues that need to be taken care of.

Use Joint Storage Space

Consider storing extra office equipment and materials in Detroit MI storage units or self-storage options near your business. When you’re not there to account for inventory, it can become too easy to run out of items the company needs. Placing a storage unit between two offices can make it easier to keep your employees stocked and ready for the day.

Multiple locations can be difficult to harness, but it can greatly improve your business with the right attitude. Use online collaborative tools, and take steps to integrate your offices so that everyone remains on the same page.

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