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Who All Can Benefit From Himalaya Liv 52?

March 16, 2016

Himalaya’s Liv 52 was introduced in markets decades ago. Since then, the medicine has been widely famous with people who experience liver disorders and other problems. The specially formulated, proprietary herbal formula offers liver support and is effective for assisting the functioning of liver cells. With its antioxidant properties, the product can preserve existing liver strength and may even help in support cell integrity.

But who all can benefit from consuming Liv 52 in capsules or syrup form?

Those who need Detoxification

Our liver is the largest internal organ that serves tens and hundreds of function. But our general eating habits can put a strain on the liver. So, consuming Liv 52 can help in detoxification of the liver tissue. It can neutralize the toxins that are found in food, air and medications. It can protect your liver from toxins. It can even remove toxins naturally through its antioxidant benefits.

Regulation of Liver Enzymes

If you have been diagnosed with a liver related problem and need to restore functional efficiency of liver, then choose Liv 52. The product restores functional efficiency of liver and promotes hepatocellular regeneration. It can prevent loss of functional integrity of cell membrane.

For Body Builders

A number of body builders use Himalaya Liv 52 on a regular basis, especially if they consume other health supplements to promote muscle growth. Liv 52 can counteract the toxins found in body building supplements. It can also regular liver enzymes and optimize liver function in such people. Anabolic steroid users often use this product to prevent liver damage.

Pre-cirrhotic Conditions

When taken in pre-cirrhotic conditions, this herbal formulation can prevent the progress of liver damage.

Prevents Fatty Infiltration

Those who have chronic alcoholism and suffer from lipotropic activity can prevent fatty infiltration of liver using this product.


Those with hepatitis should take this as a complementary medication to optimize liver function and hasten recovery period. Regular consumption can allow early restoration of hepatic functions as well.

Maintaining Cholesterol

Individuals suffering from cholesterol problems should consume Liv 52 to increase serum albumin, which protects liver. The product has cholesterol regulating action which can help in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol in the body. It can also control lipoproteins and triglycerides, reducing the chances of developing a heart related conditions.

Overall, the product can be used for

  1. Prevention and treatment of loss of appetite
  2. Prevention of protein energy malnutrition
  3. Prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis
  4. Prevention and treatment of alcoholic liver diseases
  5. Prevention from problems arising due to use of anabolic steroids
  6. Preventing liver damage due to radiation and chemotherapy
  7. Detoxifying the liver from regular medications and other health related problems

Make sure that you buy Liv 52 from a reliable distributor of healthcare products.

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