Finishing Touches – A Few Technology and Upgrade Decisions To Be Made Before Your House Is Done

July 22, 2015

Making the decision to build a custom home can be a very exciting and overwhelming process. Selecting the floor plan and design of your dream home is only the beginning. Designing a new home is one of life’s most enjoyable rewards. Transforming the floor plan of your home into the perfect blend of style, function, and beauty is expressed in the finishing touches you select. The custom features you choose are the ultimate expression of your individuality from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, inside and out. Going custom is an expression of yourself!

Vision Boards Bring Your Dreams to Life

If you’re looking for inspiration, start imagining your dream home in detail. Begin saving pictures and ideas on an inspiration board. A custom built home is built exclusively around you, unlocking the joys of home life like nothing else. With so many upgrades and technological options to choose from, one is only limited by their budget and their imagination.

Customizing Your Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your new home is determined by the pitch of the roof you choose, whether or not you want custom dormers and gables and the style of your porches and decks. Saddle, Shed and Gable porches all have their own unique style and can be very charming each in their own right. Large porches and custom deck work bring living outdoors as do patios, walkways and exterior lighting. The exterior finish of your custom built home is the most defining finishing touch one sees as they drive by. Adding rock, brick or stone to front of a gable roofed house enhances the curb appeal dramatically. While vinyl siding is very popular, it is prohibited in some developments, thus increasing the popularity of stucco finishes. The materials used to finish a foundation will separate your home from your neighbors. LED lighting shining on your home can really brighten up the appearance while also keeping the energy bills low.

Blending materials that complement one another is part of the process. Whether or not to choose architectural shingle or metal roofing which is so popular these days reflects your unique and individual style. The choices of doors and window curtains you select will also make your home unique to all the other homes in your neighborhood.

Upgrades Make the Difference

Custom building a home does not limit you to just decorating. It allows you to make choices that you have visualized and dreamed of. Selecting the right new appliances, counter tops, cabinetry, islands, sinks, fixtures, faucets and flooring allow you to express yourself in ways you never expected in your kitchen. A spacious laundry room complete with a laundry sink makes pet bathing a breeze if you have them. Tiled showers, double sinks, garden tubs with or without jets, separate toilet areas, master closets with island and plenty of storage are just a few ideas for the master suite. Tray ceilings and canned lights with the perfect wall coloring create the perfect escape. And if it’s in the budget, customize your own home theater with all the technological upgrades and fixings that you like.

Details Reflecting Your Lifestyle

Selecting light fixtures, molding and flooring that reflect your personality are part of the finishing touches of custom home building. Deciding if you want your staircase enclosed with a door or open with railings depends upon your privacy needs. Adding a wood burning or gas fireplace is something the entire family is sure to enjoy. Optimizing storage space is always an important consideration with many choices available to ensure everything has its own place. A finished or unfinished attic, a basement or garage, the choice is yours.

Whether you like open spaces to entertain or cozy rooms with sunlit views, your custom home is a blank canvas for your family and all the memories you’ll make. So start saving those images you see on your inspiration board, paying close attention to detail. The process is long and can be frustrating, however, the end result is your dream come true.

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