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Firm Business Foundations – The Perfect Springboard For Success

June 9, 2016

Building a successful business is more than just having an idea and developing a website. While many micro businesses can accomplish this on a shoestring budget, the truly serious business entrepreneur will go through some very important and basic steps before actually opening to the public. This is especially true for traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets that need both online and physical presence. Even when you may have a solid niche idea for a business, it is still important to perform some basic due diligence steps before going live.

Market Research

Competition can be stiff in many industries. It is always important to understand who the competition is and have a good working knowledge of what they can provide that you potentially cannot in the beginning. This can also help in developing ideas for products or services that your competition does not provide. But, it is important to crunch some numbers based on anticipated sales versus the reported sales of businesses already in the market. This can be especially important if you are also building a sales pitch for advertising your venture.

Procuring Funding

It takes money to make money, and it clearly takes funding to run a company. It is vital to have a realistic concept of how much it will cost to operate the business and how much cash flow can be generated. Also, don’t forget to inspect your business structure for needed repairs like waterproofing the foundation of your building. Some companies, like Safe-Guard Waterproofing, know that damage to a foundation can happen quickly.  Most of the time, this sort of repair isn’t covered on a standard business insurance policy. This particular investment in the structure could amount to savings in the long run. Always remember that being prepared to fund your business for the long term could always include some beginning improvements, especially if other structural updates are being done.


Developing the business format will largely involve the best manner to present the product line. For service based businesses, inventory is not a matter. But, for retail sales businesses, inventory levels and the funding necessary to cover that investment are vital to a successful business foundation. Of utmost importance will be the return on the investment or inventory, usually termed ROI, and it is very important to have accurate estimations on the expense of opening and the return cash flow from initial sales.

It is not always necessary to keep an attorney on retainer, but many times advice from a legal business professional can be very beneficial before opening. Matters such as human resources and legal financial requirements are very important expenses, and there may be legal options to your operation model that can be utilized for business protection as well as fiduciary soundness.

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