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Upcycled Elegance: 4 Frugal Ideas For The DIY Decorator

June 8, 2016

What is old is new again, with an important twist; it’s being used in a way that it wasn’t intended, and is even more fabulous when you are done.  That is the method behind the modern obsession with upcycling, and it is all about finding things that have served their usefulness in one way, and giving them a new, glamorous life as something practical and beautiful in your home.

1. Rustic Outdoor Cooler and Kitchen

If you have a refrigerator that no longer works, why not upcycle it to create a fun, functional and rustically stylish outdoor cooler? You can be the envy of the neighborhood with your upcycled grill and patio cooler, using pallet wood, glue and caulking, a few hinges, some wheel casters and other inexpensive supplies.   Use the freezer section as an ice chest for beverages, and store patio essentials such as cutlery and grilling utensils, napkins, non-refrigerated condiments and more.

2. Vinyl Record Wine Rack

Turn old vinyl records you have at home into an artful and practical wine rack.  Don’t worry if you do not have any records at hand, you can head to your local thrift store and purchase them affordably for your upcycling project.  This floating wine rack was created with a 1” x 4” piece of lumber, a heat gun (can be rented from your local tool supply) and an empty bottle of wine.  Preheat the vinyl record and roll it (with oven mitts on) against the bottle of wine, until you have created a bottle cradle.

3. A Patio Fire Pit

Have you noticed how expensive and non-durable the average new retail fire pit is?  Head to your local wreckers or metal recyclers to purchase the inside drum of an old washing machine.  You may need some help to remove it, but once you do, the drum makes the perfect fire pit.  Sand it gently, and paint it with a stainless steel high gloss, or a brushed copper high-temperature grill paint, and install four high-temperature legs to elevate the pit.  The perforations that helped to drain water are ideal for safely ventilating an outdoor fire.

4. Wire Coat Hanger Shoe Organizer

Are you a fan of the ‘flip flop’ shoe? If you are, you know that storing them can be a bit of a problem, as they seem to get everywhere.  Rather than wait for a mismatched flop, upcycle old wire hangers and a closet bar, to have your favorite summer shoes at hand and organized. Thus, wire coat hangers keep well-managed.

If you have the will, there is always a way to add high-style and convenience to your home by upcycling materials, and finding new and useful purposes for them.  Not only will you be saving money and feeding your creative bent, you will also be helping the environment reduce, reuse and recycle.


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