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Get Back In Shape With Liposuction

December 21, 2015

One of the most common and perhaps the most annoying issues that has become a concern for both men and women across the world is obesity. While sometimes, the cause of obesity could be related to hormonal imbalance or health related issues, in most cases, it is a result of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of a regular exercise regime.

Eating healthy is essential to keep yourself fit. A regular, balanced diet is often the key to staying healthy and looking fabulous. But what do you do if you have those pockets of fat all over you that just don’t seem to leave you no matter what kind of diet you adopt? These excess fat deposits are quite stringent and with many people, a good diet and an everyday exercise regime isn’t enough to show any positive results. However, that does not mean you give up. Turning to liposuction can be the option for you!

What is Liposuction and How does it Help?

Liposuction is basically a plastic surgery technique that is aimed at aesthetically enhancing your physical appeal by surgically removing the excess fat deposits in the visual areas of your body. The fat deposits could be anywhere but most commonly they are seen across your abdomen, thighs, arms, hips and buttocks.

“With liposuction technique, you can achieve more pleasing body contours within a rather short period of time. It involves precise targeting for removal of isolated fat deposits from specific areas of your body with a safe and proven medical procedure that is usually combined with other plastic surgery procedures such as abdominoplasty, breast augmentation for better results,” says Dr. Haitham Masri of Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, a Michigan based cosmetic surgery clinic that offers liposuction surgery.

With liposuction, you almost instantly get rid of excess fat deposits on your body. While there is no upper age limit and typically most people can get this procedure done except those who are not advised for the surgery. To know more about the eligibility, read on.

Who Are Eligible for Liposuction?

Liposuction is sure a medical procedure but it does carry with it health related risks. Hence, it is advisable to people only after they get themselves thoroughly evaluated by a plastic surgery surgeon. An ideal candidate for liposuction is one who is otherwise in good health and has not more than 25 pounds of excess fat deposits than his or her ideal weight. Also, people above the age of 18 years who have tried and failed at various exercise and diet plans to reduce their fat deposits are recommended with liposuction surgery. There are people who are not eligible for liposuction and that includes pregnant or nursing women, people with chronic health ailments, among others.

The Treatment Overview

A typical liposuction procedure involves making thin cuts on your skin at the area of the fat deposits. Cannula, which are small, thin, blunt tipped tubes, are then inserted through these cuts. Fat is then suctioned out through these tubes as the surgeon carefully moves the tubes under the skin to reach the target areas of fat deposits. In order to make the treatment process less painful, local anesthesia is generally used. There have been some newer techniques for liposuction surgery in Michigan that are ultrasound and laser assisted wherein ultrasound and laser rays are used to liquefy the fat deposits to make the suction easier.

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