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Get Higher Education In Ukraine

May 30, 2016

Quite good teaching staff and a system of fundamental classic education established in Soviet times, along with the comparative low cost of studying (seven times cheaper than in the United States, and four times cheaper than in the UK) attract to Ukraine a lot of applicants from the former Soviet Union countries, Asia and Africa.

Only in Kiev National University there are more than 700 foreign students from 55 countries. in general ukrainian universities teach 62 thousand persons from 148 countries. This is almost one and a half times more than three years ago, and three times more than the USSR has taught.

The interest in Ukrainian education has risen in the eyes of foreigners due to Ukraine’s accession in 2008 to the European register of quality assurance in higher education, which consists of 18 countries – members of the Bologna Process. Except that Ukrainian teachers gradually take over the experience of the Europe, change higher education in Ukraine in the direction of greater pragmatism.

The biggest amount of international students at universities in Ukraine is from Turkmenistan – 12.7 thousand. After them students from Azerbaijan (5.8 thousand) and from China (4 thousand) follow.

The most popular among foreigners are medical, technical, and cultural universities, as well as those which have no analogues in the world – for example, the National Mining University, where you can meet students from Western Europe. Among the popular specialties there are geologists, surveyors and aircraft manufacturers.

International students from the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa prefer Ukraine to Russia, where ethnic and racial conflicts increase.

Low cost of studying attracts many foreign students. For example, Kharkov for the last years has increased the number of students in four times – from 5 thousand to 20 thousand. The number of foreign students grows also in Odessa and Lviv. In Kiev, in the Soviet times about 7.5 thousand foreign students had been taught, today -. 8, 8-9, 0 thousand people.

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