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How For Eddie O’Brien Microsoft Has Been A Stepping Stone To Success?

By alina
December 9, 2015

Sales and marketing is the biggest lifeline of any company and this department’s success actually makes the entrepreneurs gain confidence about their products or services in the market. Indeed, the manufacturers would only know of their product’s success if the product sells in the market. If the product is something of a novel idea, then it becomes essential that you take time to analyze its pros and cons and then its need before you supply them in the market. However, more than anything else, its saleability is what makes an entrepreneur go for producing it in the first place. So, to ensure that the product reaches out, plenty of strategic steps are taken to promote product, and make it reach out in a better way.

But the kind of steps one would use for marketing or sales of a particular type of product might differ from one product to another. This helps the product reach out to various kinds of customers and probably even the right customers. This is the reason companies like Microsoft or other IT major make sure that they use the expertise or knowledge of professionals. For marketing, Eddie O’Brien Microsoft based is a professional who has become very popular for his worldwide operator channel work. He has over 15 glorious years of working in Microsoft and he is currently the Vice President of the World Wide Operator Channel (WWOC). He has been a key to expanding the business and ensuring that the user base of Microsoft smartphones grows across the globe. He has seen major success in Latin America and in Asia too and if records are to be seen, the brand has surpassed the sale of other brands.

Success is relative to effort and education:

When a person is successful, it shows in their work. As a person who has been with a company, Eddie O’Brien Microsofthas seen the rise in the profit numbers of the Windows Ecosystem comprising of the Windows Phone and Tablets and even Surface O365 and hosting. He is chosen as the preferred head for taking care of the selling and extending hands of partnership to global telecom operation too.

For Eddie O’Brien Microsoft has been an experience and apart from simply laying down different approaches to meet the customer demands, he has also spearheaded several BPO operations and has used his expertise to be the CEO of the technological service provider, arvato, for the Americas. The aim is to use the BPO services to get to reach out to customers with more accuracy and in a faster way. After all, reaching out to customers is something that all telecom companies should need to pay attention.

An experienced worker would be able to make everything into gold and this is precisely why it is understandable that with every single tool, O’Brien would surely make his teams work in unison to achieve the sales goal.

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