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How To Break PDF Password Protection?

By Jessi
October 29, 2015

PDF has become the easiest way to transfer the confidential data from one source to another without making any changes to the original format. The PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it can be opened on all devices without downloading any specific program to support that. The ease with which PDF can be viewed on any device makes it popular means for information transfer and that also poses the issues about its security.

Securing PDF has also become very easy as one can conveniently add user password to it for securing unauthorized viewing. The real problem would arise when the file is secured with the password and the password is missed!

The password added to the document cannot be retrieved as easily as we do with the banking or any other passwords entered on internet. You have no “forgot password” link that can be clicked to get the new password on your email address. So, what can you do for removing passwords from PDF files?

Encryption Software

PDF Password Protection is easiest way to secure the document but it can also turn out to be the toughest when you miss the password. You can load some encryption software in order to open the password protected file but it would exhaust your CPU drastically. The encryption can take from few hours to few days to crack the password and for that time it won’t be possible for you to use your computer at all. If the level of security is high then it may not even crack the password.

Online Help

Now when you have imagined the situation when your most useful document is locked just because you have forgotten the password, keep aside your burden of stress as this situation is not so much out of control as you think it to be. There are softwares and websites that are meant for breaking the password protection of the file. All you have to do is upload the file in the given space on the website and once the process is done, you can easily download the file which is recovered after cracking the password.

How to Avoid Such Situation in Future?

Avoiding this situation in future is difficult unless you are ready to note down your password on some other password protected file! Sounds funny? Then check out DRM for PDF as many companies and individuals are doing. Companies can opt for Enterprise PDF DRM which is the complete solution to the document security. It secures the document on many other aspects other than just viewing. PDF DRM offers following security measures;

  • Restricting the use of documents to specific IP addresses.
  • Tracking the usage of the document from its formation to expiry.
  • Digital shredding of the document at the end of pre-defined period or at the end of the said task.
  • Controlling the screenshot capturing.

There are many ways being developed for PDF protection and you can decide your protection tool as per the security levels required but in case you are password protecting your file, make sure that you know how to break it in emergency!

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