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How to Ensure Safety When Manufacturing Your Own Business Products

October 24, 2019

The manufacturing industry requires employees to expose themselves to high-risk activities such as raw material assembling, rigging, metal cutting, welding, and soldering, among others. Other predisposing factors, such as harmful radiation, magnetic fields, and compressed gases, could affect anyone within the manufacturing site. Since you have chosen to engage in the manufacturing sector, it is your responsibility to protect your employees by stipulating the following safety measures.

Incorporate Routine Risk Assessments

The first step into ensuring safety within your manufacturing plant is identifying the potential sources of hazards and putting up measures to prevent them. A well-analyzed risk assessment plan with the help of a qualified plant assessor will help you achieve your goals in making your plant premises safe for your employees. Be sure to make it a routine that involves inspection confirming that you are safe throughout all working periods. The diaphragm seals should be tight, fire extinguishers in place and direction posts clear.

Invest in Housekeeping

With all the traffic coming in and out of the manufacturing area, it is bound to get messy and unorganized. A cluttered work-space with cylinder hoses standing aimlessly, power cords sticking out of the walls, wet and greasy floors and ropes lying around, increases the risk of accidents. Organize for housekeeping services that will clear the clutter constantly and put things in order, to avoid accidents.

Protective Gear

All employees posted within the manufacturing area should wear protective gear to prevent inflicting injuries of themselves. Depending on the type of products you produce, invest in quality protective equipment such as anti-slip boots, full-body suits, gloves, safety hoods, respirators, and safety glasses. Make sure that your employees understand the importance of wearing protective gear all the time when working in the manufacturing site.

Training Workers

You have already set all safety measures, but without knowledge, the risk factors will continue to lurk within your working site. It’s essential that you train your employees regardless of their expertise or position about safety protocol. Train them on what to do in fire emergencies, how to handle heavy equipment manually, and avoiding misuse of tools. You could also train them on first aid practices in case of an accident. Help them understand the importance of reporting any defects in machinery and maintenance requirements in certain equipment.

Use the above-discussed tips to make your manufacturing site a safe haven and avoid lawsuits. Ensure that you have a good track record for your company and also keep your employees safe and happy.

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