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How To Get More Bang For Your Marketing Buck

January 28, 2016

Marketing is an important part of any business’ operations, and as much as you might want to avoid it, every company has to invest in marketing to succeed. But when it comes to getting things done, you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for the marketing you’re investing in. There are so many marketing tips and tricks you can take advantage of that really help you to get more out of your marketing buck. Here we look at these 4 marketing techniques that can save you money on your marketing, while getting amazing results for your business growth.

Do Quality Outsourcing

Many businesses fail in their attempts at marketing and business growth by trying to do too much with the resources they have. Redirecting your staff to work on marketing campaigns disadvantages your business in many ways. Firstly, you take staff away from the jobs they’re best qualified at and put them on a job they may not be qualified to do. Secondly, you could end up paying much more for a lower quality job, than if you had outsourced that marketing task.

Outsourcing allows you to get great value, high quality marketing services while your staff focus on what they do best, closing sales and representing your product or service. If you need more hot leads, try appointment setting services. If you need to get your company name out there try an advertising campaign. Outsourcing save you time and money, and keeps your employees job satisfaction high.

Take Advantage of Social Media

More than ever before, customers are looking online and within their social networks for businesses and services they might be interested in. A social media presence is essential for any business to succeed these days, so if you’re not already, get yourself a high quality, regularly updated page on Facebook and a Twitter account. If you have a visual business or design company, consider other types of social media such as Instagram or Pinterest. Or if you are selling business to business, get a presence on LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Social media gives you amazing bang for your buck because apart from the time you spend updating the pages it doesn’t cost you anything. However, if you want to you can also put paid advertising on the social media sites. Taking advantage of this great resource is vital for the success of the modern business.

Optimise Your Website

If your website is not of the quality to draw new customers to your business, then it’s not doing enough for you. Most businesses these days have a website, so chances are you’re already paying for it, but is your website optimized? Getting some good content on your website, providing value and information, and linking your website to a quality blog can really help you to bring in good organic traffic to your site, without having to shell out a lot of extra money.

Outsourcing to get some help on your website can be a great idea, because once the initial work is done, the ongoing improvements in your traffic and business can take care of themselves. A great website shows your customers who you are, provides valuable information that’s useful for them and builds their trust in you, and helps customers contact you quickly and easily.

Get Local

If you’re a local business, nothing pays off in terms of marketing as targeting your local area. Your market is there, so why would you pay for a big citywide advertising campaign. Look at cheap or free advertising in sources such as sports team or community group publications, schools and local events, or shops. Consider supporting a local charity or group in exchange for advertising or endorsement. When it comes to local business, if you support the community, they’ll support you. And the upside is, it’s a good, old, inexpensive yet effective old fashioned way to do business.

With these 4 tips you can make your marketing work for you, and get the best value for the marketing dollars you invest in your business.

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