How I Became A Broncos Fan

January 28, 2016

If you talked to me about any kind of sports a month ago I probably would have been franticly trying to change the conversation. I hated sports, I hated talking about them and I hated pretending to like them. Because let’s face it, it’s easier to just go along with it than being that downer in the corner. This blog is about my very first live Broncos NRL game and how it turned me into a sports fan.

It was a week until the Broncos v Cowboys match at Suncorp Stadium and my boss’s mate had cancelled. Come to think about it, he probably didn’t have anyone to go with in the first place. Because he doesn’t seem to have any other friends outside of work, I had to be the one invited. There was no backing out, there was a promotion up for grabs in three weeks and I wanted it. I saw this as the best way to get the most face-to-face time with him and get ahead of Suzie.

It was Friday and the game was on tonight. Everything was going great until the working day finished and I changed shirts into my jersey. The day before I went out and bought a Cowboys jersey because it was the first one I saw in the sports shop. Bad idea, we are in Brisbane idiot. Of course everyone will go for the team from Brisbane, which I later found out was not the Cowboys. Hot tip, always check which team your boss goes for before buying a jersey to the game. My boss’s face looked like I had killed a baby bunny in front of him. Suzie still happens to be at the office and has changed all of her stationary equipment to the colour maroon in support of the bloody Broncos.

After explaining that my Dad is from the Townsville and that’s why I’m a Cowboys fan (he’s really from Brisbane, but he doesn’t need to know that). We headed off to the local sports bar down the road.

This part I didn’t mind, there was a great atmosphere, extremely delicious food on offer and all my favourite craft beers on tap and were able to put a few bets on the game. There was so many people to talk to about the game and gain as much information as possible so my boss didn’t think I was that clueless.

After we left, I mentioned to my boss that we could stay and watch the NRL live in the venue, but he assured me that there really is no substitute to seeing a game live. We were able to walk to the Stadium since the venue was so close which was a massive bonus. Except we had to work our way through all of the chaos of Caxton Street and too be honest it was all a little overwhelming. I’m glad he didn’t chose to go to one of the venues so close to the Stadium as my claustrophobia probably would of kicked in.

Getting to our seat at Suncorp was a battle as well, finding the right gate and seat number with people shouting everywhere. The boss grabbed a few beers from the bar and we sat down. Of course he bought tickets right in the Broncos fan section and needless to say my Cowboys jersey did not bode well.

The game started with a giant roar from the crowd and the energy in the stadium was electric. The ‘spirit’ was everywhere and it was intoxicating, I couldn’t get enough of it. My boss must of realised that I didn’t know much about what was going on as i had to ask him a lot of questions. He didn’t seem to mind though as he was just as into as I was and all sports fans love to show off their knowledge. With each score the crowd grew louder and I found myself screaming with them. It didn’t matter who I was cheering for as I was in it for the thrill.

When the game finished me and my boss went back to that perfect sports bar and finished off the night with a few nightcaps and some more live music.
A month later I am now the new Sales Account Executive with my own office and you can bet I have season tickets to every Bronco’s home game.

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