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How To Identify Characteristics Of Your Target Audience To Improve Your Digital Marketing

September 11, 2020

Given the heightened competition in the business world, identifying your target audience is more essential than ever. Small enterprises can only compete with market giants by identifying their targets. As a brand, identifying your target audience will ensure that your digital marketing strategy is tailor-made to reach the right people.

Here are hacks to identify the characteristics of your target audience.

Analyze Your Product/ Service

Knowing the products and services offered by your business is the first stage to discover your target audience. List down the features of your service or product. After writing down the features, identify the benefits of each element. Once you have listed the benefits of each feature, go on and find out people who need those benefits.

Check Your Existing Customer Base

Analyze your current customers and find out why they buy from you. Narrow down to their interests and common characteristics. This will help you to target other people with similar traits as they could benefit from your services or product as well.


Psychographics is the art of classifying people according to mindset, personality, mental belief, and other psychological factors. These will help you to identify the priorities of your target audience. Examples of these factors include opinions, attitudes, motivations, values, and aspirations. Research on how your target audience views things to improve your digital marketing.


Needs are the requirements that consumers seek to fulfill by purchasing a product or service. Needs can be emotional, functional, fulfilled/ unfulfilled, articulated, or unarticulated. When analyzing needs, marketers focus on two main aspects: fulfilled/unfulfilled and relevance.

Formulate A Quantitative Survey

You need to collect more information other than general demographics. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean demographics information such as gender, age, education, and income level is not essential.

To swiftly gather more information, you can conduct a survey and use NetOwl to analyze trends. An online survey will give you quantified statistical results about your target population.

Research Social Networks

If you want to learn more about your target audience, social media is the place to be. This method is referred to as social listening. Create profiles on several social networks to monitor how people view your brand, your competitors, and anything related to your business. While conducting social listening, pay keen attention to audience interests and challenges.

Overall, it is imperative to note that you can’t target everyone. Having a significant number of customers online doesn’t mean they will all be interested in what you offer. Using these hacks identify the right audience that is suitable for your business.

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