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4 Pests That Can Get Into and Damage Your Roof

September 11, 2020

No one wants their quiet evening at home to be disturbed by the sounds of sudden noises from above. Scratching, skittering, or other sounds you might hear could be indications that some critters have managed to find a cozy spot inside your roof. If these pests are left unattended, they could do some damage to your home. Knowing some of the common kinds of creatures that might make their homes in a roof can help you deal with them before they become problematic.

Mice or Rats

Many rodents excel at climbing, and they won’t have any trouble climbing all the way up to a house roof and making a home there. In many cases, house mice or roof rats like to find insulation in which to build a nest. This insulation gives them a cozy spot they can use to birth babies. They will then leave the young ones in the roof while they go out looking for food. You will probably notice chewed wires, holes in the insulation, or animal droppings if rodents have taken up residence here.

Crawling Insects

While insects that fly around can make a new home in your roof, you’ll usually be able to hear them buzzing. Crawling insects are a different, more insidious matter. If you can’t see them directly, you might not know they are there. If these critters live inside your roof for too long, they could do enough damage to need a partial or full roof replacement service. Do a spot check for signs of tiny tubes that some of these pests might use in order to move around the area.


Cute and fluffy in most contexts, squirrels can be downright annoying if they decide to move in with you. They may seem like a pest that is too large at first, but many squirrels can fit into small openings when they are determined. However, they are some of the most easily detectible pests. Squirrels usually make plenty of noise as they scamper around. It’s important to stay on top of a possible squirrel infestation. They will take huge sections out of the insulation near your roof, and they could cause additional structural damage over time.

Stinging Insects

Several species of insects with stingers like to find dry, warm spaces up near roofs in order to make nests. If you notice some flying insects that seem to have a regular pattern that involves going to or away from the eaves of your home each day, you may have an infestation of these pests. It may be possible to find and remove the nest yourself, but you should wear thick clothing that covers any skin that might be in contact with the insects.

Although a good roof provides you with protection from the elements, it does the same thing for some enterprising creatures out there. Be on the lookout for signs that you have some uninvited guests. It’s a good idea to check the roof area a few times each year.

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