How To Learn Basketball (Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team)

June 6, 2016

A Little Point Of View

Let’s say you’re a fan of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team, you go out and Buy Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Game Seats, get excited with their next game and watch them go head to head with their opponent. But how can you really fully understand how the game works? There’s one thing you can do! Learn how Basketball works! Learning the basic rules of playing basketball will help you know how your favourite team plays the good game as well. You can also learn more about basketball in this site: Are you ready?

Learn the Rules

Ball for Gaming and Hoop for Shooting

Before you can play basketball, you need is (1) a basketball that is also appropriate for your size (sizes vary from youth-adult size). Basketballs are made from either synthetic leather or rubber materials and is available in every sports store you go to. If you can’t get yourself to buy a basketball, you can also borrow from a friend of yours who has one. You also need a (2) Hoop- a regular hoop is about ten feet and eighteen inches and is basically backed with a board so players can bounce their shots. You need to place two hoops in a court measuring 94 feet- that is if you’re playing basketball for competition, etc. If you just want to play ball with your friends, one hoop can do. If you can’t make a hoop, you can use alternatives like hollow rings or even just a box will do.

Two team in a full-court game, each team is played w/5 players. In a half-court game, you only need 3 players. Basically you just need teams of even numbers so you can play man-to-man.

Score Points by Shooting the Basketball Inside the Hoop

Three point line is about 6.1 meters away from the hoop and all shots inside 6.1 meters are worth 2 points. If a player is fouled during his attempt to shoot, that player will be given 1-3 free throw shots (4.6 meters away from hoop).

Dribbling and Passing

You can dribble while walking or while you’re standing, pivoting around your foot until you pass or shoot but stay stationary when not dribbling. Otherwise you will be called for traveling violation.

There you have it, simple rules in basketball. Now that you know of this, you can try and play basketball with your friends!

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