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How To Maintain Optimal Work Temperatures In Your Office

April 21, 2020

Keeping your work office at the optimal temperature can have a huge impact on your employees’ productivity, but that task is often easier said than done. In order to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature, you might need to make some changes around your office and call in the pros for a little bit of assistance.

Make Sure That Your HVAC System Is Correctly Sized

Double-checking the size of your HVAC system is one of the very first things that you should do if you feel like it isn’t working correctly. While some office managers and landlords will make sure that replacement HVAC systems are correctly sized, others are going to cut corners. Some of the signs of an incorrectly sized HVAC system include temperature differences throughout the office, high energy bills, and short cycling.

Have the System Professionally Serviced

After you double-check the size of the HVAC system, you will then probably want to contact a company that offers HVAC services. While every office is slightly different, most commercial heating and cooling systems must be serviced at least twice a year. For a larger office with multiple units, the system might need to be inspected and serviced as often as once every other month. During your next service call, you should ask the technician if they have any suggestions for improving the efficiency of the system.

Use Zoned Heating and Cooling

Most smaller offices have residential HVAC units installed, and those systems aren’t always efficient when different areas of the building are used more often or have multiple open doors. In those situations, a larger system with multiple zoned might be more efficient. Zoned systems can independently alter the temperatures in various areas of the building so that a minimum amount of energy is used.

Turn on the Fans

One of the easiest ways to keep your office at a comfortable temperature is to strategically use fans. When a larger fan is turned on to a higher setting, it could bring the ambient temperature of a room down by multiple degrees. Once the weather starts to cool off, you can reverse the fans so that they evenly distribute the warm air that is coming out of the vents.

If you have tried these few tips and are still struggling with inconsistent temperatures, then you might have some major mechanical issues that need to be taken care of. A professional HVAC contractor can carefully inspect your entire office and help you come up with a comprehensive plan for making it more comfortable.

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