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Green Thumb: How To Pick The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn

April 18, 2020

The type of fertilizer you choose for your residential or commercial lawn will impact its color, stave off weeds and disease, and determine the grass’s ability to recover from stress. Therefore, you should take your time when choosing the products you use, and base your decision on features that apply to your yard. Below you will find tips to use when searching for a fertilizer that suits your lawn’s needs.

Focus on the Numbers

The digits printed on fertilizer labels represent the percentage of specific nutrients. For example, a product may have 12 for nitrogen or phosphorous, but it is up to you to read the numbers and decipher the letters or abbreviations of the essential nutrients. Once you understand the numbers, you could determine the best product based on your lawn preferences. If you are more focused on having green grass, it would be best to choose a fertilizer that contains plenty of nitrogen. However, products with potassium can help protect your lawn from disease or drought.

Fertilizer Type

Synthetic and organic varieties are the popular types of fertilizer to select. If you choose synthetic products, you are more likely to receive fast results. It is made from gasses and minerals, as well as waste. Be mindful of some setbacks, such as burning and environmental damage. With organic varieties, they are made from live organisms, such as cottonseed or bone meal. Organic fertilizers have low risks, but it could take a little longer to receive visible results.

Lawn Care Services

A reputable company can provide you with the best fertilizer options and help with your landscaping needs. You can speak with a representative about products and explain what you hope to achieve. The employee can give you reliable tips and discuss other options, including lawn delivery and supply. One of the best benefits of using lawn delivery is having someone do the ground preparation, laying, and planting while you enjoy your new turf.

Choose the Right Formula

Liquid and granular are the two types of fertilizer formulas. Liquid fertilizer can come in the form of a fluid or powder, and it may require a more frequent application. This type could cause environmental risks, which is why many people use it sparingly. However, the granular formula operates slowly but has fewer follow-up requirements. If you are willing to wait a little longer for better lawn results, you could receive green grass with less environmental risk.

The strategies mentioned above can help you find products that protect your yard. Remember that the type of fertilizer you choose can keep your lawn looking and feeling great!

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