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How To Make Manufacturing and Shipping Simple For Your Business

April 5, 2017

Creating and shipping a product is the basis for most successful businesses today. However, these logistical processes have many facets that can either slow or rapidly increase productivity for a company. Ideally, you want to make manufacturing and shipping as simple as possible for your business. Explore these ideas to increase productivity and quality control.

Invest in Quality Control

Simplifying your manufacturing process starts with quality control. Pull a few random products off of the assembly line and test them. Document any issues that are plaguing a certain product. With this information, you can fix the issue at the manufacturing level before the customers experience any issues themselves. The ultimate goal is to have nearly perfect products leaving the manufacturing facility to reduce costs of return shipments. Mass product returns will only cut into your profit margins.

Incorporate Basic Shipment Software into the Department

With quality goods flying out of the door, a solid software program is critical for simple, inventory management. Each shipment department needs a dedicated computer for package processing. Use this software to keep track of each item leaving the facility. These programs are normally simple frameworks that require addresses, part numbers, and other descriptions to adequately serve your customers. By working with this software, your shipping department can process more items with fewer mistakes over time.

Protect Raw Material Transports

If your company moves a lot of goods through open truck beds, you’ll want to look into retractable load covers for them. Semi-trucks with open beds are at risk of losing items on the road during shipping. Some companies, like Glider Systems Inc., know that you can reduce losses and potential damages to vehicles on the road by adding these covers to every semi. The vehicle will look more professional, and recipients will be pleased to know that the load was protected along the way.

Consider Flat-Packing Shipments

Shipping items with unusual sizes costs a lot of money for the manufacturer. Consider flat packing those items. Flat shipment boxes take up little room in a delivery truck, and you can send more out each day because they’re compact. Make sure your products are designed to fit into these flat boxes. Removing one part to reduce the height of a product can save you hundreds of shipment dollars over the years.

Your industry will often dictate the type of shipments that you can make on a daily basis. Consider bulk shipping to vendors, or discounted shipments to direct customers through a contracted delivery company. By contracting with an industry colleague, everyone benefits with reduced prices and happy customers.

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