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How to Make Sure Your Outside Pet Feels at Home

October 26, 2018

You love your pet, and you want to keep it by your side at all times. Unfortunately, not all pets can be indoor pets. For pets that need to be kept outside, there are ways that you can make sure your outside pet still feels at home.

Provide Proper Shelter

One of the most important ways to make sure your outside pet feels at home is to give it a home to sleep in at night. This home can take the form of a custom-made dog house built by you or purchased prebuilt from a pet store. Since your pet will be kept outside during inclement weather, like rain, it’s important that their shelter has proper roofing and wall cladding to prevent them from harsh conditions.

Plenty of Toys

Your outside pet is like any other pet. They’re going to need to keep themselves entertained. Without a way to entertain themselves, your outside pet can become lonely or frustrated. This can result in abnormal behavior or disruptive behavior. The toys for your outside pet can be placed within their shelter for convenient retrieval or the toys can be scattered around the yard to promote exercise and physical play.

Food and Drink

Your outside pet is going to need constant access to a fresh supply of food and water throughout the day. Since the food and water will both be located outside with your pet, it will be exposed to the elements and to contamination from insects. When choosing the best food and water setup for your outside pet, opt to invest in a waterer bowl and an automatic dog feeder. Both of these items will protect the supply of your pet’s food and water while providing them with unfettered access to essential sustenance whenever they desire.


Your pet is still your beloved furry friend. Just because it lives outside doesn’t mean that it should be neglected or forgotten. To help your pet feel comfortable being outside, make sure you go visit it a few times a day. Let it off its leash to run around the yard to play with you. Make your pet feel like it’s still a part of the family despite living outside.

Keep in mind that no matter how comfortable you make your pet, there are times when it is vital that you bring your pet inside. Flood watches, tornado watches, and snowstorms are all times during which your pet should be brought inside for its safety.

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