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How Workplace Innovations Can Be A Customer-Keeper

January 24, 2017

Technology has transformed all types of workplaces. In today’s high-tech world, consumers expect fast service and a timely response. These top workplace innovations boost consumer loyalty and make it easier for employees to deliver high-quality customer care.

Click and Order Grocery Services

Grocery shopping is one of the most time-consuming activities that consumers need to do on a regular basis. Many grocery store chains have developed responsive websites and smartphone apps that allow consumers to create regular grocery lists and add specialty items as they are needed. The consumer chooses the pick-up time and can leave instructions for employees, such as “Two green bananas and four ripe bananas.” These apps ease the workload on employees by allowing them to fulfill the orders when in-store traffic is slower. These apps also help to enhance the productivity and profitability of grocery store chains. Customers benefit by not having to wander through the entire store trying to find what they need.

Innovations in Commercial Restaurants and Kitchens

Many people enjoy ordering take-out, eating at restaurants or arranging for professional catering services for special events. Companies like Budget Restaurant Supply help provide products and innovations in commercial kitchens and restaurants such as dual-fuel ranges allow for optimized cooking times and even heating of food. Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators and touchscreens deliver important messages to staff, such as when to toss out expiring food. Air curtains allow walk-in cold storage to stay cold without requiring workers to navigate a heavy door while gathering ingredients. These innovations not only enhance the dining experience, but they make it easier for employees to cook the food and to keep customers safe.

Smart Home Apps

Many proprietary apps and devices are available so that companies can deliver products to their customers exactly when they need them. This means that instead of running out of laundry detergent or toilet paper, customers can get a timely delivery of the products that they need the most. These apps track use patterns simplify the workloads of warehouse employees.

Fully Automated Self-Support

A great customer service experience builds loyalty and even creates the emotion of love in 50 percent of consumers, explains this study. When a customer has a great experience, they keep coming back. Businesses can implement 24/7 self-service modules so that customers can get their smallest issues resolved quickly. This frees employees to work on the more difficult tasks that require a personal intervention to deliver excellent customer care.

Workplace innovations help to deliver smooth and enjoyable customer experiences. When a customer has a great experience, it stays in their memory. Those memories keep the customers coming back to the business.

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