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4 More Hot Flooring Trends For 2017

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January 20, 2017

While wood and wood-effect flooring continues to remain a very popular choice, there are plenty more options available to customers looking for an alternative. Environmental awareness has seen a rise in more sustainable options, such as bamboo and cork, and in using reclaimed products. If you are installing a completely new floor and need a little inspiration, here are four more trends to consider.


As with laminate flooring, vinyl has experienced a real revival in recent years with the arrival on the market of luxury vinyl planks (LVPs). These are installed in pre-cut lengths in much the same way as solid wood, engineered wood or laminates; in addition, vinyl is exceptionally versatile, very tough, water-resistant, insulating and cushioned.

Vinyl flooring comes in a huge array of effects and finishes, including natural and painted wood, tile and stone. It is also pretty straightforward to install, as the planks just click into place. Underlays and insulation will improve noise control and comfort even more, and it is really easy to maintain. This is a very popular choice for families and for landlords with rental properties.

Manufactured Flooring

There is also a move towards manufactured flooring products as they increase in quality and the breadth of colours and finishes. There is a vast range of products available to the customer, both in store and online at specialist retailers such as


Tiles have been used in warmer countries for thousands of years. Due to the British climate, they have usually been restricted to kitchen and bathroom use; however, the improvements in reliability and affordability of underfloor heating mean that tiles are a real option in the UK. Large square tiles are popular, as are patterned or mosaic tiles, and you can also get tiles that look like wood, stone, concrete, or even with a textured, fabric appearance.

Laminate Flooring

Whether you like a wood or painted wood appearance, laminates appeal to customers because they are cost effective, durable and easy to install. Painted and paint-washed surfaces continue to be fashionable, with grey or white the colours to go for. Laminates can be quite noisy underfoot; therefore, if your budget allows, install a good quality acoustic underlay and make sure you do not leave gaps around the edge of your room, as this can create draughts.

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