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Ideas to Integrate More Technology into Your Small Business

May 9, 2016

Technology continues to be assimilated into every possible business process. Even small business plans need to incorporate more modern features in order to prove they will remain competitive and profitable. Below introduces four ways to integrate more technology into your business, no matter what size company you are.

Web Development
Every business should have some sort of presence on the Web. Creating a highly functional website will most likely not be a top priority of entrepreneurs who haven’t even opened their business yet. However, strategic long term planning requires a basic overview and development time frame for a user-friendly website. Entrepreneurs will be able to ensure continued business expansion, which is especially important if there are numerous local competitors. A company website allows customers around the world to do business with them, and keep their presence relevant and up to date.
Social Media Platforms
In addition to having a website, a small business should have marketing social media platforms ready that will be used to promote the company and engage customers. Facebook can be used to directly connect with clients and Twitter will be used to provide helpful quick tips to readers or interested parties. You could also incorporate LinkedIn for recruitment purposes. Managing multiple social media sites can be overwhelming, so there are handy dashboard programs that allow users to centralize and control all social media activities.

Mobile App Development
Mobile app development will take much longer to roll out, and including an app development strategy is an excellent way to show investors and shareholders your business will never stop growing. Fortunately, there are free or inexpensive app development programs on various platforms. Some of which are even web-based and offer hundreds of interesting templates to choose from. If your small business requires a highly customized app, consider consulting with an IT services company to get personalized managed services in Ottawa or right from your own local area.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is the future of data management and offers universal access from different devices around the clock. Even better, it is very cost effective and saves time and even physical space. Small businesses should consider how they will incorporate cloud computing into their overall IT and business strategy. For example, you could plan on providing a web-based customer dashboard through this avenue, or something as simple as allowing customers to check the status of their shipment or repair.
There are many ways for small businesses to incorporate new technology into their business plan. This could be in the form of web, social media, or mobile app development. Don’t shy away from modern tools that could help your company grow and reach new customers!

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