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iPhone 8 – Next Buzz In The Market

April 28, 2016

Here we are talking about Apple iPhone 8. The iphone8 features are expected to be awesome with very unique ideas implemented. As per the rumors we expect to get the first real glance of in September. We have seen major improvements in every series; as a result, we can imagine the upcoming features of the iPhone8.


The iPhone8 will have a larger profile and display than its previously launched series and also it would be slimmer and stronger than the previous models. Along with these outer looks, Apple will focus mainly on interior enhancements.

Processor and Memory

The iPhone7S come equipped with a 64-bit dual-core processor that delivers excellent, so according to the believers, the next IPhone model will come with the Qualcomm processor and the ‘9X35′ Gobi chip in order to achieve performance improvements. The iPhone8’s storage could be 256GB or even higher.

iPhone8: Battery

Perhaps the iphone8 will come with enhanced battery power, with more efficiency and power saving methods without affecting the user experience.


According to the estimates, the camera of Apple iPhone8 is expected to be of 15 MP with an 8 MP front camera.

No More 16GB

It can happen that iphone 8 will come with no 16GB models as the users don’t find enough space for the 15.7GB when the software updates get too big. So the new series will not bring the 16 GB storage.

Other Features

We also expect for an interesting app to be considered by Apple. The FindMyPhone app helps the users to map out the location of the phone when it is stolen or lost. It would be fantastic if we can see this app include in iphone8 as an already installed app.

It will be a unique thing if the phone comes designed with flexible structure; many brands are planning to launch this quality for their next series, so we are certainly expecting a flexible display option.

iPhone8: Price

It’s hard to tell exactly but as far we can guess, it would be approx 900 dollars for the iPhone8, as per the associated rumors the iPhone8 would not be less than $850. Other than this all we can say is that Apple is not going to raise prices hugely.

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