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Is Outsourcing Right For My Business? 4 Reasons You Should Look Into It

September 29, 2016

The advent of modern telecommunications, especially advances in voice and video chat, have decreased the cost and increased the appeal of outsourcing. Now rather than spending days or weeks interviewing candidates for even temporary positions, your business can quickly hire outsourced specialists the world over. So why should you look to outsourcing?

1. Lower Costs

The #1 reason companies outsource is to take advantage of lower costs in the global hiring market. Many parts of the world are just less expensive places to live in than the United States, and the workers in those countries bill their services accordingly. While not all things can be outsourced, a lot of simple tasks can, and many people living abroad have the technology skills comparable to those you’ll find locally. This enables you to significantly increase your spending power and get more productivity for every dollar you spend.

2. Flexibility

Another big advantage of outsourcing is that you’ve got a lot more flexibility in who you hire and for how long. Most people who sign up with an outsourcing service or hang out their freelance shingle will come ready-trained and eager to work, getting the job done as quickly as possible. Outsourcing also enables you to increase the size of your staff temporarily for specific seasons or in response to temporary stresses.

3. All-Day Service

If you’re focused on service, it is inevitable that you will have people calling the office late at night or during weekends, federal holidays, and other days you won’t be open. Paying people to stay at the office to handle issues during these off hours can be expensive and arduous. However outsourcing the night shift to a few off-site workers ensures someone is always wide awake and ready to help your customers even when most of your staff is asleep.

4. Reduced Risk

Moving into new business sectors is always expensive, but hiring a new team and buying all the equipment they will need can be beyond the affordability of most small companies. Fortunately, by outsourcing, you can test out a new business idea by hiring a team that comes with all the expertise and gear they need in-hand. This will enable you to take risks on new ventures or move into new markets without risking everything, as well as bring in fresh ideas from people who have worked on similar projects before.

Although outsourcing can be very beneficial, it is important to remember security. When outsourcing, having a software escrow agreement in place, like the ones at EscrowTech, can help ensure the future safety of your company.

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