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January Resolutions

January 5, 2016

Well now comes the time to bid adieu to 2015. Hopefully the New Year brings new found happiness to as many of us as possible. That being said most have us have plenty to be thankful for and it’s time for many of us to make our resolutions. Obviously our resolutions will vary from person-to-person and case-to-case –from the realistic to the downright dreamy. If you need ideas a good case is just to take your resolution month by month! Make a plan and try to stick to it! For instance in this article we will look at what you can do in January of 2016.

Say Yes or No more:

Many of us are on opposite ends of the spectrum and therefore extremes when it comes to spontaneity. Some of us do not know how to say no to people while others remain sheltered. The easiest way to understand this is to get out of your comfort zone more often because that’s what helps us grow the most!

Get Fit

Yeah yeah yeah, this is the most common resolution but also the least followed through of all the resolutions. All one has to do is go to a gym at the beginning of January then visit the same gym 3 months later to see the attrition. Yet it’s very important as many of us find ourselves in sedentary jobs and it becomes increasingly more important to get our daily exercise in. The most common excuse is lack of time and convenience. If this is the case and it’s truly an inconvenience to go to a gym then make your home the gym! Get a yoga mat, a few dumb bells, and if you can afford it an Elliptical, Stairmaster, or Treadmill.

Clean the House!

Yet again an overlooked but an incredibly important aspect of being a happy and productive human! Aside from the psychological benefit of having a clean house, there could be other associated benefits! One such benefit could be that you may have old cell phones, gadgets, and other electronics that are quite easy to sell via the online market place. For instance I recently sold my old iPhone and it netted me $150. I did it via uSell and was happy considering it took me only a few minutes to complete the process. Think about it? I cleaned for an hour and made $150, not too bad!

There you have it! Taking baby steps is important to note. You must walk before you run and in this case checking a few tasks off the old to do list can be a gratifying feeling. I wish you all luck as the New Year dawns on us.

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