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Laser Freckle Removal: Is It Right For You?

July 11, 2016

Most of time, freckles are thought of as a hereditary trait. Some people develop freckles over time with the help of sun exposure. Either way, freckles are usually not a health risk. Sometimes, however freckles can pose a health risk if they appear to be abnormal. If there is an existence of abnormal freckles there is a possibility that cancer could be present. If you have any concerns of this, you should immediately consult a doctor to have them checked out. If you are unhappy with the way freckles make you look, you may have them removed. While there are different creams that may help with this problem, sometimes another type of treatment must be done. Laser clinics like Canada MedLaser use a different form of removal with the help of laser treatments.

What are Freckles and how do they Form?

Freckles are small pigment changes in the skin that are either small or come from sunburns. They are caused when the melanin under the skin are not evenly proportioned. This causes the production of the small spots that are freckles. Most freckles are light brown but they can vary in color from light brown to dark and even yellow sometimes. Obviously, if you have inherited your freckles, they cannot be prevented. If you have not inherited freckles, there are multiple ways to prevent them. Wearing sun screen can prevent the ultraviolet rays from burning your skin and prevent freckles from showing up. Covering the skin while out in the sun and avoiding the sun in its peak hours when it is the hottest can also keep the freckles from appearing.

How to get Rid of Freckles

If you do have freckles and would like them removed, there are several choices that may help. Some of the less effective avenues are creams. You can purchase over-the-counter creams like Retinoids or bleaching creams that can help the freckles fade. These don’t always work especially if there are a lot of freckles or if they are dark in color. Another route you could take to get rid of freckles is laser treatments.

Laser Freckle Removal

Lasers target the pockets of melanin under the skin that produce the appearance of freckles. Once the laser has reached the melanin, it breaks it apart causing the freckle pigment to raise to the surface. After treatment it will seem as if the freckles are actually getting darker, however this is the process of the freckles being removed from the skin. They will rise to the surface and peel away along with the dead skin that naturally occurs. The process is not painful, just a little discomfort will be experienced and afterward you may feel as if you have sunburn. You won’t need to take time off of your normal activities and you only need between two to four treatments to have complete removal. The effects of the treatment are permanent but it is important to know that freckles can reappear if you continue to over expose your skin to the sun.

Whether you have many freckles or just a little, make sure you do your homework on which type of removal will work best for you and don’t forget to always protect your skin if you don’t wish to have freckles in the future.

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