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Reasons For Building Memorials By People Across The Globe

July 14, 2016

Mausoleums are built in all parts of the world and people have their own reasons to build these and it serves as one of the ways how people like to remember the people they admire and people still like to build these and invest a lot on their makings. People select the building materials and purchase lands to do so and some of the reasons that urge people to build memorials can be of interest to you to make a memorial one day;

Preserving a Family’s Legacy:

Some families still have a royal status throughout the world or otherwise some rich families like to preserve a space where all the bodies of the family will be buried and to ensure this they purchase a land and make a mausoleum large enough to accommodate the graves of a single family. This is just a gesture to keep the family’s legacy alive and sometimes they decorate it enough with the family’s belongings to make it look important and some people start collecting revenue too by putting tickets to visit such large mausoleums.

To keep a Celebrity/poet/leader alive in Hearts of People:

People like to keep paying their regards to the people they admire and who have made a significant contribution in people’s lives which can be in the area of art, literature, politics or country civil movements especially in the Asian subcontinent many Kings have made their mausoleums which not only reflect their architectural interests but also give a reason to people to go and visit the historical places and know something about the person buried in the mausoleum similar to the way pyramids are made often to preserve the bodies of  mummies.

Representation of One’s Affection for a Family Member or to Depict Power:

Some people in the past have only built memorials because they wanted to represent their power such as the Pharaohs of Egypt who built large pyramids only to depict power and thus nobody builds pyramids these days. Likewise, Taj Mahal was built because by one of the Mughal Kings in India for his wife and it cannot be wrong to say that it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world and people like to remember it as a symbol of love. Likewise people who consider some of their religious leaders as pious built memorials or mausoleums on their death.

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