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North Turramurra’s Vets Recommend Special Pet Care Tips

September 28, 2015

We often don’t pay a lot of attention to our health and well-being. Perhaps, that’s why, most of us find it incredibly difficult to know what is best for our pets. But you don’t have to worry. Some of the best professionals in veterinary field have combined this list of pet care tips and strategies that you should follow for your pet’s health and well-being.
Regular Exams

North Turramurra’s Vets recommend that pets should have regular medical checkups and examinations. They believe that this is the single way to keep the pets healthy. Annual pet examinations are recommended, along to regular checkups to take care of pet’s weight and heart. Examinations can also help in avoiding problems like pet arthritis, heart problems, parasites and toothaches.

Prevent Parasites

Parasites plague pets and they may wreck a havoc on their life. That’s why it is recommended that you prevent external parasites and leas. For the same, regular flea and intestinal parasite control products should be used. Discuss medications and sprays or products that you can use to prevent flea and parasite attack on your pet.

Spay and Neuter Pets

Animal population is growing rapidly. And every year, thousands of animals die because they don’t receive good homes. Dogs and cats are killed every year because they are homeless. So, make sure that you get your pets spayed and neutered so that animal population is protected. If you get them bred, make sure that you do it with a vet’s recommendation.

Regular Vaccinations

Just like annual checkups, your pet also needs regular vaccinations. Some of the common vaccinations includes injections for rabies, distemper, hepatitis. You should have a special vet for your pet, who can guide you about the vaccinations and at what age the pet should be immunized.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Overweight dogs and cats are unhealthy. It is recommended that you keep your pet’s weight in check to avoid health risks like cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Just like humans, pets can be overfed as well. So, make sure that you ask your vet about your pet’s dietary requirements, in terms of calories and stick to the number.

Help them Live Happy Lives

Pets are affectionate, loving creatures who have an unconditional regard for their owners. You should give the same love and care to them. Help them live a happy life by giving them an enriched environment, exercising them regularly and ensuring that you play and pamper them.

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