Opt For Grand Corporate Dinner At Alexandra Dhow Cruise

June 29, 2016

Dinner can be used for many purposes or occasions. They can be used to organize lighter events like birthday parties, spring breaks, anniversaries, etc. But as the need for trade increased they became a keen site for elaborate business meetings. Given the serenity of the Dhow these corporate meetings are conducted with utmost privacy and sincerity. It also amounts to the recreation of the members given the ambience and good facilities. One of such cruise in Dubai is Alexandra Dhow Cruise, which is often used for such parties and corporate functions.

Someone in the company has to take the initiative to organize a corporate lunch or Dinner in the Dhow. The employees get excited to attend corporate lunches because they get a chance to meet and connect with a lot of people in the peaceful ambience. This kind of tranquility generates a sincerity of purpose and comes with the tag of excellent food. This kind of rendezvous promotes team building which is the essential element in any company.

The most common impression that people have about these corporate meetings is that they are high on words being exchanged but low on any action being initiated. Moreover people feel that the participants are just there to bide time and the good facilities just don’t matter. But the ordinary meeting can be made exciting if the attendees are promised a great time with great food and even some nice music, post the meeting. In fact, post the meeting is the right time, after all the essentials have been delivered during the meeting, to gel with one another in a peaceful and fun environment. This kind of treatment encourages them to make an impression in the corporate meetings and they look for many such meetings in their tenure ahead. They get excited about what lies ahead of them and are keen to enjoy every moment of the corporate meeting.

The Dhow Cruise makes for the perfect destination for corporate lunches, meetings and even a conference. It is always exciting and energizing to have a meeting outdoors by the sea. It encourages positive thinking instead of the drab interiors of a conference hall or centre. The Dhow may look austere from the outside but they are well equipped with the latest facilities from the inside. Given the environs the employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas and think out of the box. They end up making many new connections which is an essential element of doing business.

Every guest is given personal attention in such meetings. The courteous staff deals with all attendees individually. The members are given peaceful environs to hold the meetings with utmost precision. There is no source of disturbance in the Dhow and the staff members attend to the members as and when required. The members are not disturbed in the midst of the meeting in any way. The management at the Dhow Cruise has a lot of experience in the area of hospitality and never disappoints its customers. There is no compromise on food served at the Dhow with every member served food to their respective choices. The members just need to give their preference for the food and they will be served accordingly.

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