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Perpetual PR: How Your Business Can Constantly Build Customer Trust

March 11, 2016

With the advent of social media, business owners should always keep in mind that their customers are constantly connected and willing to share and discuss experiences with other. Customers who are satisfied with a business are likely to share their positive experiences within their social circles, particularly if they feel that they can trust the business.

Building customer trust is the most positive marketing strategy a company can adopt. There are a few ways to accomplish this, including:

Sharing Positive Customer Interactions

In the pre-Internet days, testimonials written by satisfied customers used to be framed and prominently displayed by business owners. These days, testimonials are likely to be posted on a special section of a company’s website, or they may be shared on social media. What about trying a role reversal, whereby the company shares a testimonial about a customer they really appreciate? For example, a plumbing service can share a story about a kind customer who served coffee and apple pie to a rookie repairman on a snowy day.

Precision Billing and Cash Handling

Any company that handles billing could really benefit from payment handling training. The idea is to reduce mistakes and increase accuracy. Making sure employees are ready to do their jobs with PCI training via on-demand learning portal is worth taking the time to do. Customers who feel that they can trust a company to not overcharge them and to handle their payments correctly will reward that business with continuous patronage.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

When companies design their marketing and advertising campaigns, they must keep in mind that being honest will earn them a lot more customers than not being truthful. Misleading advertising can be the kiss of death for any business; being straightforward, on the other hand, can enable long-lasting relationships with customers who appreciate doing business with a trustworthy company.

One-on-One Interactions

The ultimate business strategy to build customer trust is to harness the power of one. Business owners should motivate their employees to establish personal relationships with customers whenever possible. Beauty salons and barber shops around the world follow this simple, yet powerful, strategy by encouraging hair stylists to gain the trust of a particular customer who will always return to see that employee. Public relations cannot get any more perpetual than this, and each meaningful interaction between customers and employees will only solidify the confidence of both.

In the end, business owners who successfully implement the strategies above will not only build customer trust but may also be able to save the cost of retaining a public relations firm.

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