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Powder Coating On Car Parts

July 9, 2015

We have heard discussions about application of powder coating on automotive parts. Over the past couple of years, powder coating has already grown in popularity. Car enthusiasts should know what powder coating is and how it is used. When planning to achieve a quality finish, preparation is imperative. The item that will be coated should be entirely bare of any oil, dirt and paint. Sandblasting equipments are necessary to achieve this. We could do this by hand or with chemicals. Items are baked first after being stripped off to completely remove any trace of moisture from nooks and crannies.

To minimize corrosion, a degreasing solution is applied on the surface. Powder coating is essentially a process to coat items with fine powder of pigment and ground resin. It could also be considered as ground up paint that’s available in powder-like substance. After being coated, these items can be placed on the rack. A special gun is used to spray the items with powder. A big oven is needed to cure the coating by applying sufficient amount of heat. It may require about 450 degrees to completely cure an item. At specific temperature, pigment will melt and gel. It will be cure to form a more durable finish. Powder coating is applicable on aluminium, zinc, steel and other materials.

With good finishing quality, powder coating has the ability to outperform and outlast typical surface. There are many colors to choose from. Good quality powder coating can resist abrasions, impact, solvents and acids. Powder coating is also applicable for use on strut bars, coil springs, sway bars, engine parts, trim parts, wheel, valve covers and others. There are many manufacturers of powder coating and we need to read reviews to find products that work well according to our requirements. Online sellers of automotive products should play into the equation.

Car owners should be able to purchase kits to apply powder coating on their car parts. Kits could start from $99, but it doesn’t include an oven to cure and bake the finish. We also need air compressor with about 5 PSI of air pressure output to apply the coating. There are many online instructions to help us properly apply powder coating. We could watch multiple video in YouTube and other video sharing services on how to properly apply powder coating. This should make sure that powder coating can be applied properly in our car parts.

Other things that we need to consider is how to properly maintain the good looks of items with powder coating. In general, powder coating is durable enough for daily usages. It can withstand acid, dust and abrasion. However, we should be aware that extreme exposure could erode some parts of the coating, causing fading and even complete disintegration of the coating. However, this could happen only on the most extreme cases. New powder coating can be applied on previous layer of coating, so it is not necessary to remove the old layer, which is essentially a rather time consuming task.

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