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Exotic Edible Meats

July 9, 2015

The phrase ‘it tastes like chicken’ has been badly overused that it becomes one of the popular cliches. It is often used by someone who wants to describe the taste of an unusual meat, such as crocodile tail, snake and alligator. According to people who have eaten reptiles, these crawlers do taste like chicken, although there are some differences in texture. However, we may need to use different phrases when we try to eat kangaroo, yak or porcupine. The culinary world is expanding to the exotic meats and even some the most avid carnivores may not have eaten some of the most exotic meats.

In this case, people who want to try unusual meat shouldn’t be surprised when something that they saw in the zoo has been served on their tables. Gone are the days when turkeys, chicken, lamb, pigs and cows become the only meat we can eat. These exotic meats can be used from appetizers to entrees. Some of these exotic meats can be lower in calories, cholesterol and fat. In fact, these exotic foods can become a healthier food alternative. Somewhat less exotic food alternatives, like venison, wild boar, elk and buffalo have been among us for years. In some cases, they are no longer considered as exotic.

For example, in some areas in Central and South America, armadillo meat is considered as popular type of food and it could become a perfect substitute for pork, chicken and beef. In India, Nepal and Tibet, yak meat is more prevalent and it is considered as a healthy alternative to red meat in western countries. In the outback, kangaroo is a popular alternative and it is revered for its versatility and delicate flavour. With Kangaroo being considered as less threatened animals and even pest in some areas of Australia, it becomes very popular around the world.

Kangaroo appears to have less fat compared to beef with its leaner meat. Crocodile and bison are making a comeback in the United States and more restaurants are offering dishes based on these meats. It appears that exotic are getting more and more positive exposure. It is believed that International travels and the media have encouraged the consumption of exotic meats around the world. Celebrity chefs who want to showcase their creativity also often switch to exotic meat, while popular TV shows like Bizarre Food contribute to the proliferation of exotic meat.

Although pork isn’t considered as exotic, some variants are unusual enough that they can be considered as exotic. As an example the black Kurobuta Pork is valued for its marbling, excellent flavour and versatility. It is a highly prized meat in Japan and it could be the best quality pork in the market. Reindeer and caribou are also important alternatives in the northern hemisphere and they consistent;y provide tender and tasty meat. These meats should provide us with low fat content and rich flavour. Many consider caribou as a superior meat, just like elk and venison.

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